Perfecting Your Craft – Moving into and higher in “HIGHER” Education

“HIGHER” education is: A SELF – Imposed (independent),CONTINUOUS perfecting (maturing) of your profession and/or discipline through various educational resources (i.e. books, seminars, audio, school, college, etc). It is a FOCUSED, CONCENTRATED, ONGOING study. The pursuit of certifications, degrees and doctrines are sufficient, but are all derivatives of independent studies performed by a person or team of personnel. These “HIGHLY” educated specialists turned authors have presented their philosophies, concepts, and axioms to the world and we have universally accepted them as “TRUTH”. However, we must consider these as “TRUES”, but not “THE TRUTH.” Anytime you see “THE” in front of a word (noun) it is considered as a definite article, meaning that it is the one and only. Trues used in this scenario is in plural form, the word is emblematic of “MANY.” My assumption is that after much trial, test and speculation these concepts are accepted as industry trues (norms) and are embedded into a framework for us as students, people and practitioners to follow. The objective of this discourse is to broaden your understanding in the area of philosophy , defined as a set of values, OPINIONS AND IDEAS. Many times we read something in a book , a newspaper or a magazine and accept that information as “THE TRUTH”. These are not “TRUTH” but should be seen as “TRUES.”

“Your Exit Strategy”

For most entrepreneurs, the journey to success and prosperity starts with a vision. When properly developed, this vision soon formulates in to a plan of action which some professionals like to call a “BP” or “Business Plan”. A typical business plan should consist of all the basic pieces, but certain sections may be omitted depending on the product or service offering. One section that I feel should never be omitted is the “Exit Strategy” portion. From personal observation, the majority of business plan templates have disregarded this section. When you walk into someone’s home, building or facility, there is always an exit. When an issues arises there’s always some alternative available that will help you resolve an issue. Whether your house is on fire or your business is crumbling, there should always be more than one way to escape. Exit strategies are alternatives that can be implemented in negative and positive situations.

Acquisition is one option that can associated with your exit strategy. According to Robbin Abrams, author of the Six Week Start Up, a company can be acquired by another entity if it is a good fit for the larger company. For example, a well developed company presents several opportunities for other companies that lack in certain areas or may be looking to expand a product or service offering. The key word here is “DEVELOPED.” An advantage that comes along with the acquisition strategy is the number of interested parties that may be willing to buy your business. In some cases, multiple bidders present offers to a company and this can be used as leverage in the negotiation process. Abrams states that the price of a company can skyrocket to stratospheric levels when this situation occurs. However, there is one major factor to consider with regard to the objective of an exit strategy. Abrams insists that when you construct your company around a specific “be acquired” market, you set limitations on who you can market your business to. This is the REAL reason why the addition of your exit strategy is important. The exit strategy not only provides you with a way out, but can assist you in the development of your business. We are now in a situation where we are attempting to sell a percentage of our business, but if our concept hasn’t experienced any growth throughout the life of the company then the probability of the business being acquired decreases. With no definite direction for the long-term future of the organization, peaking the interest of other companies will be added to the task list. An idea is to target a few industries and develop a plan to expand and test those markets. This presents us with a realistic long term outlook and can provide an analysis of our current plan. Who knows, maybe we won’t have to sell the business at all because of the ideas that were generated from the innovation process. In order for this acquisition strategy to be implemented, this development process must take place.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God”

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Principle # 1: The Kingdom of God resides and abides on the inside of you – You do not have to seek for something outside of yourself when that something is on the inside of yourself.

Lifetime employees better known as “Job Seekers” seek for opportunities without discovering the vision God has for their lives. This is the cause of the steady and increasing rate of unemployment in our society. If you are seeking out jobs that don’t help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life then these positions will be temporary at best. We are not to be in a state of being permanently temporary or what some of us know as a “Permanent Temp.” Lifetime employees are “Hunters” that search for opportunities to feed themselves and their families. They are consumed by effort and time invested in seeking the opportunity to work for an organization whose vision is outside of the one that God placed on the inside of them. The hunger is satisfied for a time, but it is never fulfilled.

Tend to Your Garden – The Kingdom of God must cultivate its fruit. We are “Meat” eaters, however it is meant for us to consume the meatier things of the kingdom to produce fruit. Kingdom people are “Gardeners”, those who have refined their skill and talent to be sown into future generations. They are submitted to the vision of an organization that helps them fulfill the vision that God has for their lives.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Blessings and Favor

Communication: Skill vs. Ability

Listening skill and listening ability are two integral pieces involved in the communication process, and are very independent of one another. We all possess the ability to listen, but some lack the skill of listening because we don’t practice with the objectivity of improvement. With that being the premise, being consciously aware of every opportunity as a practice session to enhance your listening skill is critical to communication in general. If we approach every conversation and situation with the intent to listen in an unbiased, non-critical spirit our ability will reveal itself. We must actively improve and refine our listening skills to perfect this art form. Consciousness of our current skill, ability and opportunity is vital to the enhancement of our communication with regard to enhancing our listening skill and ability.

Financial Empowerment

Being “financially free” and “financially empowered” is not at all the same. Empowerment gives you the fortitude to make a decision, however is it UP to you to make the decision to be financially free. Many of us have the ability to make a decision concerning our finances, but the ability to make the right decision is not a common practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes for improvement. This holds true when we have the intent to improve, not the intent to repeat the same mistakes over and over. This called a habit, and some habits need to be broken. I believe that some of us are in a “Make It” or “Break It” season. I also believe there is a grace for breakthrough, but only if you are willing to submit to the will of God. The key word here is “OBEDIENCE.”

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