The Time of His Life

Time management or “Priority Management” is in actuality a commitment to “Life” management and goes according to the current value system and/or motivations of an individual or group of people. We are in a “NOW” time whereas we have to be very strategic in the people, places and things we decide to spent our time with. Some of us are “Spending” time instead of “Investing” our time.

Priorities are tasks you have set for yourself; those people, places and things that are most important to you. Priorities are directly related to “PURPOSE.” REVELATION: If an individual has no awareness of purpose then he is not capable of experiencing the time of His Life. If that same individual is not a steward of His Time then that individual cannot be a steward of His Finances.

Here are a few easy strategies you can implement to become a steward of His Time and His Finances:

1. Know what is of importance to Your Superior.

2. Avoid distractions: Identify time-consuming task that don’t fall in alignment with purpose. If what you are involved in something that is not leading you to the fulfillment of your purpose then let this activity, possession or person go.

3. Identify your reoccurring tasks and set your calendar three months in advance according to these reoccurring events.

4. Always set a time limit and/or due date for the completion of a task, project and activity.

5. Separate work into manageable piles. (time-consuming versus less time-consuming)

All according to PURPOSE…

Perfecting Your Craft – Moving into and higher in “HIGHER” Education

My definition of “HIGHER” education is: A SELF – Imposed (independent),CONTINUAL perfecting (maturing) of your profession and/or discipline through various educational resources (i.e. books, seminars, audio, school, college etc). It is a FOCUSED, CONCENTRATED, ONGOING study. The pursuit of certifications, degrees and doctrines are sufficient, but are all derivatives of independent studies performed by a person or team of personnel. These “HIGHLY” educated specialists turned authors have presented their philosophies, concepts, and axioms to the world and we have universally accepted them as “TRUTH”. However, we must consider these as “TRUES”, but not “THE TRUTH.” Anytime you see “THE” in front of a word (noun) it is considered as a definite article, meaning that it is the one and only. Trues used in this scenario is in plurality, it is emblematic of “MANY.” My assumption is that after much trial, test and speculation these concepts are accepted as industry trues (norms) and are embedded into a framework for us as students, people and practitioners to follow. One of the objectives of this discourse is to broaden your understanding in the area of philosophy , defined as a set of values, OPINIONS AND IDEAS. Many times we read something in a book , in a newspaper or in a magazine and accepted that information as “THE TRUTH”. In this situation two things happen; the first is APPEASEMENT or PACIFICATION. As humans we seem to accept something if it is well prepared (with elegance), sounds good or appeals to our “INDIVIDUAL” wants or desires . The latter is that we limit our thinking to the perceptions of others thus nullifying the ability to think outside the box which decimates our mobility. In both cases our perspicacity (intelligence or discernment) becomes constrained and we fall victim to “POPULARITY”(CONFORMITY’S brother) short-circuiting our motivation to conduct our own independent study and/or research. Shifting our focus back to the specialists: We can say that if you (the specialist or expert) proposed a concept that was universally and industrially accepted as “TRUTH”, it can become published? YES!The point being is that we must be cognizant of what we read, how we process information and how we apply it to our daily living.

QUESTION: How does what we read affect our motivation and aspirations? In a scholastic sense, secondary education is good and is a necessity (dependent on your goals), but we must go “ABOVE AND BEYOND” in the comprehension and perfection of our disciplines. WE ALL ARE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS!!! REALLY, WE ARE. We learn from other’s experiences and we share information with one another, whether it be right or wrong. The fact of the matter is that some of us choose to walk the extra mile while others are dependent on “US”to do all the walking or legwork. Proper protocol causes us to be dependent on each other. In reference to secondary and what some call “HIGHER” education, our textbook, magazines, publications only have a limited, infinitesimal amount of information and these principles started out as “IDEAS” (better know as PERCEPTIONS), but where ingrained in our minds as “THE TRUTH”. The majority of the time, the information isn’t even looked at in its entirety. With this being a major issue, we cannot and will not do away with the old as this is the building block and foundation. However, we must establish a new thing as we are in a new era. So, today I personally challenge you to step outside the words written on the page of your textbook, newspaper or publication. Let our interpretations remain diverse and migratory.


Check out this article on maximizing your keystroke productivity.

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This article gives us a brief synopsis on “” and how to create scripts to maximize your work productivity. It is not at all difficult to learn this method, but it will take a little bit of your time and effort. However, it is well worth it.

Blessings to You…

“Mindset and Mentality”

In order for the mindset of a people to change the mentality and mindset of the people that are teaching and/or instructing a people must change. Those who we associated ourselves with on a daily basis have great influence on our lives. Change in our mindset is crucial to the livelihood to our businesses, families and communities. Our previous culture have been an impediment to our progression. Culture not only consist of our ethnic backgrounds but consists of our present and past environments in addition to those we interact with it and those who we have interacted with in the past. Often times we associate ourselves with turkeys instead of ascending to higher heights and associating ourselves with eagles. Jim Rohn once stated “Don’t spend major-league time with minor-league people”. I believe he was not referring to those of high prestige or social status. It is my belief that he was referring to the mindset of the people that we have direct contact with and the surrounding environment that has great influence on our mindset, mentality and progression. Let US get around those who have a greater influence… removing the stench of LIMITATION.

“Rising Above Your Circumstances”

You cannot rise above your thoughts.- Zig Ziglar

Our actions are based upon our thoughts and our thoughts are based upon our intake. As of now, we have several informational and inspirational products available at Divine Works Strategic Planning and Business Solutions. Go to:

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In order to rise above your circumstances, you must change your diet.

“Empowered to Educate”

The Clashing of Cultures

Oil and water do not mix…

There are times when you are in a work situation and/ or a personal situation where you will have to condescend to another person’s way of thinking. This enables you to build a bridge of relationship with the person in order for them to ascend to your way of thinking. Hopefully your mode of thinking has been renewed where you are only speaking His words, desiring His ways and doing His pleasures…

We are in a time where we must ascend to a higher way of thinking….

We are also in a time where we must think outside the box…

The current marketplace culture is clashing with the culture of “TRUTH.” In addition our past occurrences, shortcomings and mistakes and even our upbringing is clashing with the culture of “TRUTH.”The “TRUTH” of the matter is that we are a creative people. Topics and information that have been published in a textbook was a true for a particular individual. A group of individuals  then accepted it as a true for a specific period of time which in real reality was merely an accepted theory proven to research and analysis. FACTS…

But facts change with the days of the week…

We are now in the season where our mode of thinking must change…. For those who are trailblazers this is always a “TRUTH.”

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Purpose-Filled Success

It is my belief that having many types of success is one of the major issues that cause individuals to become frustrated, confused and discontent. Usually, individuals will use a landmark (or achievement) to gauge their level of success when in actuality their achievements and accolades are mere symbols of progression.

Progression does not mean that you are a success…

Many of us have been successes at the wrong things because we had yet to realize the “TRUTH” meaning of success. Success lies within “PURPOSE” which is The ORIGINAL intent for the creation of a thing that is the guiding light that leads you to the fulfillment of your assignment. If an individual has no awareness of why he/she is placed in a particular locale, he/she can progress, but “TRUTH” success will always elude him/her because the individual has yet to align themselves with PURPOSE…

I progress to the FULFILLMENT of success, but I am already a “SUCCESS” because I am cognizant of MY PURPOSE…