It is my belief that having many types of success is one of the major issues that cause individuals to become frustrated, confused and discontent. Usually, individuals will use a landmark (or achievement) to gauge their level of success when in actuality their achievements and accolades are mere symbols of progression.

Progression does not mean that you are a success…

Many of us have been successes at the wrong things because we had yet to realize the “TRUTH” meaning of success. Success lies within “PURPOSE” which is The ORIGINAL intent for the creation of a thing that is the guiding light that leads you to the fulfillment of your assignment. If an individual has no awareness of why he/she is placed in a particular locale, he/she can progress, but “TRUTH” success will always elude him/her because the individual has yet to align themselves with PURPOSE…

I progress to the FULFILLMENT of success, but I am already a “SUCCESS” because I am cognizant of MY PURPOSE…

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