Time management or “Priority Management” is in actuality a commitment to “Life” management and goes according to the current value system and/or motivations of an individual or group of people. We are in a “NOW” time whereas we have to be very strategic in the people, places and things we decide to spent our time with. Some of us are “Spending” time instead of “Investing” our time.

Priorities are tasks you have set for yourself; those people, places and things that are most important to you. Priorities are directly related to “PURPOSE.” REVELATION: If an individual has no awareness of purpose then he is not capable of experiencing the time of His Life. If that same individual is not a steward of His Time then that individual cannot be a steward of His Finances.

Here are a few easy strategies you can implement to become a steward of His Time and His Finances:

1. Know what is of importance to Your Superior.

2. Avoid distractions: Identify time-consuming task that don’t fall in alignment with purpose. If what you are involved in something that is not leading you to the fulfillment of your purpose then let this activity, possession or person go.

3. Identify your reoccurring tasks and set your calendar three months in advance according to these reoccurring events.

4. Always set a time limit and/or due date for the completion of a task, project and activity.

5. Separate work into manageable piles. (time-consuming versus less time-consuming)

All according to PURPOSE…

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  1. Peter Nguyen says:

    It’s true that having a purpose or a clear goal, will multiply your effectiveness. Scientists did research and discovered that if all the muscles of the human body pulled in ONE direction, a person could easily lift 1,000 kilograms!

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