Systematic Wealth Creation (Newest Version)

Systematic Wealth Creation is a 500 page ebook written by our colleague Peter Nguyen. This publication contains very powerful principles for playing the game of capitalism. It will help you to clarify your understanding so you can become a CREATOR, then an Entrepreneur and finally a Capitalist-Manager.  This updated version provides elaboration on many of the principles revealed in the first publication. We have applied many of the principles hidden in Systematic Wealth Creation in our personal and professional lives, this ebook has been tried and tested and is a true asset to those who want to be free from a labor mentality. We guarantee that this book will provide you with the grace to become financially independent and free.

Here is a preview of the first publication:

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“Time IS Money”

Many have a misunderstanding concerning the thought of  “Earning Wages” and “Making Money”. A mass majority of employees and entrepreneurs are caught up in the cycle of merely “Earning Wages.” The link below consists of an interesting case scenario that will help you become a effective time manager. Herein lies the key to financial freedom.

Remember that “TIME IS MONEY”

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Financial Etiquette

It is of great important that I release this to you being that we are on the cusp of income tax season…

Many of the thoughts that I will share can be referenced back to the likes of Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn and Apostle Steven Moffett. These individuals have paved the way in our hearts and minds with finances and life in general. So, I ask you to open up your mind and your heart to this new IN-FOR-MATION.



No man can do his best work, no man can express himself in terms that command respect, no man can either create or carry out a definite purpose in life with heavy debt hanging over his head. The man who is bound in slavery of debt is just as helpless as the slave who is bound by ignorance, or by actual chains.

Napoleon Hill

Debt is the symptom that is indicative of a poverty mindset. Poverty is a parasite that sucks the life out of our resources. We combat any sickness that causes us to stagger or stumble  at the promises of God with proper usage.

We don’t correct misuse by no use, we correct misuse by proper usage.

Apostle Steven Moffett

According to Napoleon Hill there are two classes of debt:

1. Debt accrued from luxuries that result in a dead loss
2. Debt incurred in the course of professional or business trading which represent a service or merchandise that can be converted back into assets

The kingdoms of this world have deemed a high accumulation of material possessions as elite status or prestige. Many who are under this circumstance of thinking accrue debt from luxuries that result in a dead loss.

These individuals are those who lack “Financial Etiquette.” “Financial Etiquette” is the proper usage of  The UTENSIL that leads to the maximum utilization of money. Money is your employee, therefore you are a manager. Money can work for you or money can work against you. Whether your money works for or against you, it is completely dependent on The Utensil which is your thoughts concerning money.  Money is also a medium of exchange that is “Invested” or “Spent” that “Adds To” or “Takes Away” from the livelihood of an individual or a group of people.

To have a lack of understanding concerning money is disrespect for money

Apostle Steven Moffett

Some of us abuse and mismanage our employees. We do not have an intimate relationship with the employee nor do we have what they can do for us…

Who is your favorite employee? George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Theodore Roosevelt.

Many of the so called, “Wealthy” people are those who are in positions where their lives are being magnified and examined. They are not truly “Wealthy”, there are merely celebrities who have been marketed into a position of notoriety. Their money accumulation is on a large scale, however their debt accumulation is much, much greater. Debt accumulation is not limited to the lack of finances.

Thus, the NBA lockout ensues….

The Habit of Savings

Our habitual thinking causes us to fathom how we are going to “Spend” our money in comparison to how we are going to “Save” our money. We have already “Spent” the money in our minds before it has even physically touched our hands.

The rule is that if a man follows a systematic habit of saving a definite proportion of all money he earns or receives in other ways, he is practically sure to place himself in position of financial independence. If he saves nothing, he is absolutely sure to never be financially independent, no matter how much his income may be.

Napoleon Hill

Financial empowerment leads to business opportunities that lead to financial freedom or independence.

More to come…

Marcus Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network

“Earning Wages” and “Making Money” (Part 2)

In the last post we established a plummet line between “Earning Wages” and “Making Money.”

It was stated that:

An individual who is “Earning Wages” has to be physically present in order for he or she to receive income from an employer or from a client.

An individual who is “Making Money” does not have to be physically present to receive income. He or she is leveraging their intellectual property to bring money into their store house.

We also established that:

The forty- hour work week is also an old paradigm that NEEDS BE done away with.

A professional who has a high level of competency concerning his or her craft does not need forty hours to perform at the abundant level.

Time is money….

Many of us have not experienced promotion in our personal and professionals lives because we are not consciously aware of the value of time. However, there are those whose conscious has become seared to the importance of time management. These individuals will “SPEND” their time with anyone, and doing anything. We seem to become time alert when it involves something that we want to do. However, everything we want to do may be permissible, but some things that are permissible are not EXPEDIENT…

Time managed is directly connected to PRIORITY…..

This is a time where we have to possess an “Investor” mindset. We have to move away from frivolously “SPENDING” our time on permissible expeditions.

For example….

If I gave you $200 dollars a day for five days and told you that every task, activity and conversation you were involved in was going to cost you an average of $25 dollars you will more than likely strategically choose how you spent your money.


I would then tell you that at the end of the day you will need to have a minimum of $50 dollars left over in order to receive the additional $200 dollars for the next day. With these constraints in place you would definitely prioritize how you spent your money.

This is the hour to prioritize your thinking!

REVELATION: An “Investor” does not spend his time or money; he views every task, activity and conversation as an INVESTEMENT. He “INVESTS” his money into the lives of others. Conversely, his money is his time, and he utilizes what he has to propel others forward ON PURPOSE.

“Green Paper” is DIPOSABLE. Intellect is IMMUTABLE.

“Money” is a disposable item that is currently depreciating in value. “Money” is merely “Green Paper” that is exchanged for tangible products and items. “Money” or “Green Paper” is also exchanged for services, programs, processes and procedures that originate from “Intellect” better known as “Intellectual Capital” or “Intellectual Property.” This is where “Money” or “Green Paper” origin lies. This is the reason why we cannot afford to become engrossed with the objectivity of “Earning Wages.” In order to “Earn Wages” an individual must take up his residence at the “Work Place.” However, if the “Work Place” or organization vanishes what is he to do? What tangible ideas, products or programs does he have to hold on to? What does his family have to hold on to?


Because he “SPENT” his “TIME” earning wages instead of “INVESTING” his time creating methods to “MAKE” money.


If I gave you $200 dollars for five days what you would “INVEST” your time doing and who would you “INVEST” your time with.

More to come…

Marcus L. Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God

“Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God” is the perfect teaching for those who have succumb to a “Permanent Temp” mentality. This teaching illustrates 3 key principles that can help you discover the potential that lies dormant on the inside of you. This will enable to you realize stability in today’s job market which will allow prosperity to appear in your personal and professional life.

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