“You can quit what you do, but you cannot quit who you are.” – Apostle Steven Moffett

The thought of retirement is one that I don’t personally entertain. It would be quite difficult (not to mention awkward) for me to retire on or from PURPOSE. My assignment is at my job (or workplace), it is who I am and what I do. If I were to separate my assignment from my job (or workplace) then it would be considered merely as “WORK.” However, when I complete the assignment at the job (or workplace) then promotion occurs and God will send me to another location and to another group of people. So… the purpose of a job is not just the work that is produced nor is it about the wages that are earned or the money that is made, it is about bringing liberation to a specific group through reformation and restoration. This exploit is accomplished through the distribution of your time, talent or treasure and is an ongoing process. Therefore, retirement is not an option to someone who is at a job ON PURPOSE.

We are always at “WORK” because the “WORK” that needs to be completed (The People) in order to be produced (The Fruits of Our Labor) is on the inside of us. Many individuals have “WORKED” for ten, twenty, thirty or more years for the mere purpose of retirement. Without conducting any form of research I can assume that many of these retirees become bored (due to the routine of idleness) and stagnate (in their personal growth & development). These circumstances motivate them to go back to “WORK” which is a mishap in their thinking.

Anything that becomes stagnate dies…
And those who do not utilize accurate thinking are at the mercy of their circumstances……

If you go back to “WORK” you go back to a previous train of thought that will “PRODUCE” the same result or outcome. You cannot go back to something that is on the inside of you, however you must become consciously aware and educated on what you have been called to do which is “TO PRODUCE.”

Let us move forward ON PURPOSE and discover what God has called us to do at our jobs – THIS IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT.
Work is beyond doing… It is about becoming the change you want to see.

Blessings and Favor!

Marcus L. Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network


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