In this post I would like to briefly explore a four step strategy for financial success. Many people in Kingdom today believe that the strength of the world’s economy is the number one factor in whether or not they prosper. This is the furthest thing from TRUTH. The status of the economy doesn’t determine your financial future, especially when you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Psalms 1 let’s us know that the financial seasons that pass over the earth will not effect the righteous. With this in mind let’s look briefly at a blueprint for financial success.

1.) Vision- Proverbs 29:18a Where there is no vision, the people perish.
One of the meanings for the Hebrew word Perish (Para- strongs #6544) is to “cast off restraints” or to let loose of restraints. Many times when we don’t have an overall vision for our financial future we spend frivolously, abd bring destruction to our financial future. You must have a overall blueprint for what you want to accomplish financially. The first step in that plan should be submitting your finances to the Government of God. How much will you invest in the kingdom,
what will your savings look like, what investments will you participate in, what do you want your debt to income ratio to be, what do you want your cashflow to expenses to be. These are some of the things that comprise an overall comprehensive financial vision for you and your family. Without a vision obtaining your dream of financial freedom can perish.

2.) Action- Although behaviors are not the most important factor in becoming financially free (changing your mind set about money IS) you do need to implement certain behaviors that will help you realize your vision. If your vision is your “address” in terms of where you want to live financially, your behaviors are your directions. Please be advised however the number ONE thing that will impact your behaviors is your mentality. You must tear down old unproductive mind sets concerning money in order to change your behavior.

3.) Accountability- It is very important for you to partner with someone who you can share your financial goals and vision with in order to keep you on track. Many times as we are transitioning from one financial state to another we can become discouraged and weary. Partnering with a financially responsible individual or someone you trust will help you through these times.

4.) Education- Financial education is one of the most important things you can acquire when trying to change your financial future. Education is actually of more value than money. Education will help you maintain the resources your building. We have all seen individuals who win the lottery, or sports stars who come into a large fortune and quickly lose all the money they come into, due to a lack of financial education. Continuing to educate yourself is invaluable. As we mentioned in the action portion of this article, financial education deals with your mentality about money, and in order for your financial situation to change you must think differently. Exposing yourself to other individuals path to financial freedom and learning all you can about finances will be a major asset in helping you prosper.

It is my earnest belief that as kingdom citizens we should not be subject to the financial seasons that pass over the earth, but you must acknowledge God first in your finances and execute the plan he releases to you. When you do that
being concerned with the status of the economy will not be a priority for you. Besides it is His will that you PROSPER.
John 10:10b
I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

Kingdom Blessings and Favor
Julius Thomas
Kingdom Visionary Network

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