Today I’ve attached two pictorials I created from a training I attended on December 16, 2011. I decided to use the “Mind Mapping” technique because there are times when training can get tiresome due to all the information that is given.  I believe that anytime you received training, especially when it is “FREE,” value should be placed on it. Many of us don’t place value on things because of this very reason. My thoughts concerning both trainings are located under the pictorials. The first training was on, “How to Identify and Cope with Anger.” The second training was on, “Caring for the Inner Child.” I will attach the notes on this training in my next blog post.

Enjoy and Be a Blessing!

How to Identify and Cope with Anger


  • Identify you hot buttons: What causes you to get angry?
  • Sarcasm (manipulation), offense, disrespect: (Don’t let people push your hot buttons).
  • Recognize anger in others: Be angry, and sin not.
  • Emotions are neutral: It’s what you do with the emotions that make them positive (forward) or negative (backward).
  • Personalization is the root of anger: Don’t take it so personal.
  • Realize your identity: You are not an angry person, but sometimes you get angry.
  • What you feel is not who you are.
  • Consistent anger is connected (a chain) to identity,
  • Anger can cloud your perception (places veil on you r understanding).
  • Agreement and patience are keys.

Marcus L. Cage

Kingdom Visionary Network

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