Understanding a things original intention for being created is critical to understanding its purpose. This is critical to value, because when we don’t understand a thing we won’t place the proper value on it. With this backdrop in mind I would like to take a brief look at God’s original intention for WORK. Most people only value work (their Job) to the extent they are receiving a reward (money) and therefore they are slaves to money. For many people instead of work being a place of PRODUCTIVITY it is a place of CAPTIVITY, where they go and count down the hours, minutes, and seconds until they are released, only to return to the same “captivity” day after day, year after year, because they have yet to discover CHRIST’S original intentions for man WORKING. Work when looked at in terms of original intentions was a means for man to carry out a part of his four fold dominion authority. It was a means whereby man would produce fruit. Man was given the ability to exercise power in the earth by God and commanded to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and to subdue it. He was then put in the garden and told to dress it. Dress in the original Hebrew form is the word abad (1533 Strong’s Concordance). It means TO WORK, serve, labor, work, do work, to work for another, serve another by labor, to serve as subjects, also to serve God.   God never intended for work to be a means to an end (a way to acquire a paycheck). It was intended for you to produce fruit.
A significant reason why most people feel captive at work, instead of productive, is because of their lack of knowledge concerning the unique grace of God on there life. When God created you he had a specific idea in mind concerning your ability in the earth. Operating outside of that specific design, or not knowing it, leads to frustration and a feeling of captivity. Frustration is a sign that your spirit is not operating at full capacity, or within the unique grace of God he designed you for. As kingdom minded people we must begin to seek God for his path for our careers. This will lead to producing much fruit, fruit that will remain and monetary reward.
As our children are exploring what to major in at college we must teach them to seek God for His unique grace for their life and career and not just desiring a high paying salary. Only understanding God’s original intentions for work and operating under the unique grace of God he designed for your life will break the feeling of captivity and cause you to produce.
Understanding is critical to breaking captivity.
Hosea 4:6a
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

A lack of knowledge destroys our ability to produce fruit. Therefore I admonish you to seek God to understand His original intent for man working and His unique grace on your life, it will enable you to produce.
Blessings and Favor
Julius Thomas
Kingdom Visionary Network

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