I am not sure as to what everyone’s definition of self employment is, but I’ll take a shot… I can assume that self employment can be defined as “working for yourself.” My perspective is that if you are “Going to Work” stay with an organization. If you are “Going to Produce Work” then self-employment is a good and viable option. The key is to capture your work in order for it to be purchased by the consumer. Anyone who has been pronounced as “RICH” by the world’s standards (IN CASH) has had their God- Given talents and abilities “CAPTURED” to be put on display. Your service should produce a good (or product). When the consumer purchases your material, you should not have to been present. This is “Freedom.” Any other form of self-employment can be considered as a job with overhead expenses. I’ve seen countless number of entrepreneurs stagnant and stuck in a storefront situation. Many times this sucks the passion and motivation out of them which is needed to propel the business forward.

Marcus Cage

Kingdom Visionary Network

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