The Theory of Unlimited Money

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Business as a recipe…

I once had a close friend who was phenomenal at making cheese cakes. After a substantial period of time, he parlayed his time and ability into a business that filled the bellies of many satisfied consumers. He soon thereafter aspired to start up his own “brick and mortar” location where customers could come and partake of his numerous delicacies and creations.


I wonder why he never patented his recipes to be sold and distributed to a wholesaler?

The essence of 21ST century will be production (in the form of recipes) and distribution to the customer (consumer). Merriam-Webster’s College Dictionary defines a recipe as a set of instructions, formula or procedure for attaining or doing something. I believe that we must shift into a posture of capturing our homemade recipes by documentation, photographs, audio and various other forms of expression. The time is now to move away from the traditional “brick and mortar” business where a physical location played a pivotal part in daily operations of an organization. Begin creating your “recipes” , “instructions” or “formulas” that can be put in place and run smoothly without you being physically present as an overseer.
This is passive income…

Marcus L. Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network