An individual who “EARNS” a salary of $100,000 dollars.

Be mindful that $100,000 dollars is the most she/he can “EARN.”

Realizes that one who “EARNS WAGES” has to be physically in the location (The Workplace) to be compensated.

He or she “INVESTS” 40 hours (minimum) a week at the workplace.

40 hours X 4 weeks (in a month) = 160 hours a month invested in the workplace.

160 hours a month X 12 (months in a year) = 1920 hours annually invested in the workplace.


$ 100, 000 dollars (salary) / 1920 hours annually invested = $ 52.08 per hour (EARNED) on an annual basis.

What does this scenario tell us?

1. You cannot “AFFORD” to become a fixture in your workplace, you must become mobile.

2.”Traditionally” the “HIGHER” you go up the proverbial corporate ladder the more of your physical presence is desired by your organization.

3. The “JOB” experience is priceless. As long as you continue to “POUR” the cap (or salary) will be elevated and promoted if your perception of the “JOB” changes. Your thinking must change in order for this to occur.

4. You must “CAPTURE” your talent in order to decrease the hours you must physically invest at the workplace. Invest more mentally than you do physically.

At best, the average person invests a minimum of 40 hours at his/her job. However, in most cases this scenario does not hold true. So, the more hours you invest the lower your dollars per hour will be.


When we subtract living expenses of $18,000 per year (which is 1500 per month).

You get $82, 000 annually.

Challenge: Place your salary in the equation and see what you come up with.

SALARY/1920 hours = ? dollars per hour annually

Questions to ponder on…
1. How many people do you know that are earning $100,000 per year?
2. Do you invest a minimum of 40 hours on your job?
3. Do you invest more than 40 hours on your job?
4. Are you capturing your talent (ideas) to benefit your organization?
5. How are you capturing your talent (ideas)?
6. Are you implementing your talent (ideas) for the advancement of your organization?

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The “JOB” description

The “JOB” description has changed. “JOB” holders are now independent professionals whose service should produce a “PRODUCT.” This product can be seen in the form of a person, physical or electronic item for consumption (via the Internet). These professionals are also producing processes, programs, policies and procedures that are producing RESULTS…. We are to be a “RESULT-ORIENTED” people, not “ACTIVITY BASED.” Notice we didn’t use to the word “NEW” because creations are not actually “NEW.” These are creations that have just been revealed to you at an appointed time. You just needed the “vision” to see them and put the pieces together.

Those who adhere to the new job description will be “PROMOTED” first with additional responsibility then in position and last (and least) in monetary form. Monetary reward is just one of the forms that these independent professionals will realize when they exchange value that is deemed useful to their organizations who are actually consumers (or customers) of the service and product they provide.

Marcus L. Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network