The “JOB” description has changed. “JOB” holders are now independent professionals whose service should produce a “PRODUCT.” This product can be seen in the form of a person, physical or electronic item for consumption (via the Internet). These professionals are also producing processes, programs, policies and procedures that are producing RESULTS…. We are to be a “RESULT-ORIENTED” people, not “ACTIVITY BASED.” Notice we didn’t use to the word “NEW” because creations are not actually “NEW.” These are creations that have just been revealed to you at an appointed time. You just needed the “vision” to see them and put the pieces together.

Those who adhere to the new job description will be “PROMOTED” first with additional responsibility then in position and last (and least) in monetary form. Monetary reward is just one of the forms that these independent professionals will realize when they exchange value that is deemed useful to their organizations who are actually consumers (or customers) of the service and product they provide.

Marcus L. Cage
Kingdom Visionary Network

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