What affects a purchase?


Be mindful that a “PURCHASE” is not limited to a transaction that occurs in a mall, retail and/or grocery store. “PURCHASES” occur every second, minute, hour and daily. The magazines, books, music and television programs are all “PURCHASES” we CHOOSE to make. Make sure the majority of purchases result in a PROI (Positive Return on Investment). Stay out of the (-) at all cost; let US remain on the (+) !
“Purchases” also occur through your conversation and conduct. The most effective “SELLER” is a demonstrator of what she/he possess on the inside of her/his storehouse.


Even now as you read and ponder on my thoughts concerning this topic a “PURCHASE” is taking place. Right now I am a “SELLER” and am now demonstrating the “PRODUCT” of my life through the expression of writing.


LOCATION – Does the person present the “PRODUCT OFFERING” in a manner where you can easily understand the use of what is being exposed to you? Do you know how it will benefit you to bless the life of OTHERS?

LOCATION – Do you envision yourself utilizing the “PRODUCT OFFERING” to propel you forward in your life to assist OTHERS in moving forward in their lives?

LOCATION – Is the “PRODUCT OFFERING” affordable? What old habits and/or tendencies are you willing to let go of? Is it worth it the purchase ? Are you willing to pay the price to help OTHERS?

PRESENTATION – Is the person with the “PRODUCT OFFERING” demonstrating the “PRODUCT” of his /her life? Are they walking the talk?

All these circumstances truly affect what we “PURCHASE” and who we choose to “PURCHASE” from. We take from someone else’s product shelf to give to OTHERS!