Capitalizing on the topic of Capitalism

Thanks to Peter Nguyen and Jim Rohn for being pioneers and visionaries.

Let “US” pull down some strongholds and traditional mindsets TOGETHER.

Capitalism can be defined an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit. {}

OR… Better known as….

A system where, through the power of free association and through the basis of trust secured by institutions which verify the descriptions and claims of assets, people can get rich through creative endeavors and/or trading with others for mutual advantage. {Peter Nguyen, Systematic Wealth Creation}

Capital can be VIEWED as… ANY VALUE you set aside to be invested in an enterprise that brings VALUE to the market place hoping to make a profit. {Jim Rohn}



Capital can be seen in the form of:

Intellectual Capital
Human Capital
Financial Capital
Physical Capital
Social Capital

So… You don’t really need capital (financially) to be an investor. Capital (Intellectually) will do, but if your intellectual capital is USEFUL then it will indeed produce capital (financially) for you to invest in someone’s business from THE GROUND UP!


Creators HIRE Laborers….
Entrepreneurs HIRE Creators…
Capitalists/Managers HIRE Entrepreneurs…
Investors RELY on Capitalists/Managers to grow the business….

Investors… Capitalists/Managers… Entrepreneurs … Creators… Laborers…

#1 – Each of these entities are people and individual mindsets (or personalities).
#2 -You do not go up the corporate ladder or levels.
#3 – You are “BUILT UP” to progress FORWARD.
#4 – You “EXPAND” until the “ROOM” is too small for you.

The room is your MIND-SET.


There are times when we can have an “Investor” mentality.
There are times when we can have a “Capitalists/Managers” mentality.
There are times when we can have an “Entrepreneur” mentality.
There are times when we can have a “Creator” mentality.
There are times when we can have a “Laborer” mentality.

#1 – The “Creator” creates a seed (AN IDEA).

# 2 -The “Entrepreneur” plants it (AN IDEA) into fertile soil (that is, a ready market).

#3- The “Manager” is the GARDENER ensuring that the “money tree” grows straight up and produces abundant fruits.

#4 – The “Investor” provides fertilizers, gardening equipment (or the money to buy them) and other resources for the “Manager” to grow better gardens, or new gardens (since his gardening skills are now proven).


Division First… Multiplication Second

My challenge for you today is to eXamine yourself.
Ask yourself how many IDEAS you have purchased that have been CAPTURED AND DISTRIBUTED…

Clothes, cars, shoes, houses, hair products, perfumes, colognes…
All are ideas that have been CAPTURED AND PRODUCED.

In order for your efforts (as a whole) to be MULTIPLIED, DIVISION must first occur.

When “WORK” is added to your “WORK LOAD” it (as a weight) can hinder your progress…


This can be perceived as a BURDEN. Let’s SEPERATE the light from the darkness.

You must evenly distribute the weight (RESPONSIBILTY) and NOT by giving people more tasks to do…

That is WORK (LABOR) and can become burdensome…

In order to MUTIPLY your efforts (as a whole) you need a tool. Just a s a forklift is utilized to lift and transport heavy items from A to B.

From the receiving department (income) to the shipping department (outcome).

You must place your everyday activities, practices, policies, procedures and programs into a FRAME – WORK. A FRAMEWORK illustrates a FINISHED WORK OR PRODUCT.

NOW your efforts (as a whole) can be MULTIPLIED from generation to generation…

If you do not capture your ideas, you place a cap on how much money you can make or earn.

Blessings to You!

Marcus L. Cage

Kingdom Visionary Network