Enlightenment in Entertainment

(A Review of In Time; starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried)

There is ALWAYS enlightenment in entertainment though this is very dependent on what lens you’re looking through. We should always look for “LIGHT” in “DARKNESS,” we must be able to pull spiritual principles out of natural circumstances.

Continuing on….

These are a few of the key principles I took from this film:

#1 – Time is MONEY; better known as “CURRENCY” or “CASH.”

#2 – If you can control the people’s time, you can keep them in BONDAGE. This is the reason why some of us continually “WORK” and are “WORKING,” instead of producing a WORK. We should be “WORKING” from a place of REST. This does not occur unless you know your IDENTITY.

#3 – “Wealthy” or “Rich” people enjoy themselves, and are not in a rush nor are they “PRESSED” for time because “Wealthy” or “Rich” people prioritize according to their morals, values and GOALS.

#4 – Too much time in the wrong hands will crash the market. Many times individuals with too much time on their hands don’t use their time wisely because the world’s system has programmed them how and what to spend their time on. In many cases, freedom leads to further bondage. The MAJORITY see time as an “EXPENDITURE” rather than an “INVESTMENT.”

#5 – I’ll give you ten minutes for an hour. EXCHANGE: A lifetime of experience can be exchanged in minutes through relationship with those who possess knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

# 6 – A society that takes time is the norm (status quo) in comparison to a society that gives away time. Laborious factory, warehouse, retail settings, etc. take time away from us (per hour) in exchange for compensation. When this becomes a part of our daily routine, we tend to fall asleep. A little sleep, a little slumber…. POVERTY sneaks upon us unaware. The going rate (per hour) is a standardize rate for a standardize people that originate from a standardized system to do the SAME THING. Thus, they are easily replaceable.

“In time” is a film that I recommend to any and all for recreational and training purposes. It will bring much enlightenment to your life. Only if you have time…


Marcus Cage

Kingdom Visionary Network

Kingdom Banking (Amplified)

Ecclesiastes 10:19 – A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things.

Money truly answers ALL things…
When we speak of “MONEY” we are referring to “keseph” in its Hebraic translation.

Keseph can be viewed as:
money, shekels, talents


Now, we can begin Kingdom Banking.

You must network to increase your networth. – Marcus Cage

Interconnected banks are “branches” stemming from a central location or headquarters. From an individual stanpoint, if you are apart of a network you should be X-CHANGING services and products within your network. He is the vine, and we are the branches (John 15:5). Only when we are fittly knitted together will we be able to make The Great Catch!

How does an individual establish an account (Socially & Financially)?

First things first… A DEPOSIT (Socially & Financially) must be made. Banking of any sort is about DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS.

Financial Empowerment (Knowledge) $ Financial Stability (Foundation) $ Financial Freedom (Expansion)

Financial freedom occurs when your PASSIVE income SUPERSEDES your life (operating) expenses (ANNUALLY). Passive income is income (money as TALENT) that works for you which results in a work produced. You MUST CAPTURE AND DISPLAY YOUR TALENT IN ORDER FOR OTHERS TO MAKE A PURCHASE. THIS IS CALLED: LEVERAGING YOUR INFLUENCE.

REVELATION: You can, but you don’t have to be in a physical location for someone to make a PURCHASE from you!

Many of us have attempted to calculate dollars per hour to no avail. No matter the calculation, it is never an even trade-off (in terms of dollars versus hours) when you must be physically present at your workplace to earn a wage.

We must utilize TECHNOLOGY as a LEVERAGE TOOL, the Inter – NET is BOUNDARYLESS (In location and TIME).

Technology stops TIME, this is why many are FAITHFUL to RE-RUNS on the television.

Again: We must utilize TECHNOLOGY as a LEVERAGE TOOL, the Inter – NET is BOUNDARYLESS.



GOD GIVEN TALENT MAGNIFIED AND EXTENDED THROUGH MEDIA TO ENTERTAIN. However, we seperate “LIGHT” from “DARKNESS” to display how we can utilize technology to ENLIGHTEN.


Continuing on..

A bank MAKES MONEY ($), NOT EARNS, BUT MAKES MONEY ($) by lending MONEY ($) to its customers. The bank lends money ($) that is not theirs, it is we who make the deposits. Money (in dollars & talent) never sleeps, and reproduces after its own kind when CAPTURED and SOWED into the livelihood of a people.

You can do the same…



Purchases occur within your SPHERE OF INFLUENCE when they receive your advice, suggestion or counsel (personal or business) which begins and ends in Him, Our Lord Christ Jesus.

Your internal atom-SPHERE must change in order for your external atom-SPHERE to change and EXPAND.


An overdrawn account is a liability that keeps you in the RED. This is why some individuals are stagnant and FRUSTRATED. You must reconcile and close overdrawn accounts be it friends, family, habits, thoughts, tendencies, environments, etc. Don’t hold yourself accountable to the past for the outward man is PERISHING..


It is time to go on to perfection (completion, maturity).

We are overdrawn, and long overdue.

Marcus L.Cage
Kingdom Visionary Group

Information vs. Industrialization (Pt. 2)



The Information Age.

The Age of Industrialization was good then, but NOW it is time for a change of scenery. The Industrial Age(a period of time) is coming to an end and we are long overdue.


Costs of doing business are skyrocketing for some, and this will result in cutbacks for many.

Stone-Age systems will not work nor will they remain where the stones are being removed.

The demand has changed, therefore the supply must change.
The demand on US is FREEDOM, but we cannot be free if we remain stuck in the Industrial Age.

Old things have passed away…
We cannot lean on our own understanding because there is nothing for us to lean on.
Our understanding needs to be renewed…

We need to become conscious of…

Our Mandate – Governmental Authority; A Man has a date with Destiny.
Moderation – The time we invest.
Maturity – The decisions we make according to the mandate.

Once we recognize the demand on our lives, we can then supply the demand in the Earth.

Kingdom Blessings to You!

Information vs. Industrialization (Pt. 1)

We are in an INFORMATION AGE and though there is a heavy influx of information we must perfect the use of certain technology to advance ourselves thus advancing the Kingdom of God. However, we need not be distracted by the overhaul of technological advancements because this can become a distraction if it is not used in the appropriate fashion. Maturity and moderation will be keys for US (The United States) as we progress forward.

If you do not know the PURPOSE of a thing you will abuse it and it will abuse you…
Purpose is the original intent for the creation of a thing…

Once we divert from the original intent of technology (Spiritually, Mentally & Physically) confusion will be the result with the end result being bondage (note the lower caps on bondage).

The PURPOSE of technology is ADVANCEMENT…
The Internet is wireless… boundary-less and limit-less… Therefore we should all be RICH (Spiritually – Mentally – Physically – Socially – Financially)!


In order for this to become OUR Reality we must make an intentional paradigm shift in the realm of the TECHNOLOGY that we partake of, and the TECHNOLOGY we utilize.

There is a demand in the Earth, and the demand sounds like a CRY…

WE NEED A NEW DOWNLOAD OF INFORMATION. Though it is not NEW, it has just been revealed to you.

Back then… In the Stone-Ages…
DEMAND called for MASS PRODUCTION… The Age of Industrialization.
The Age of Industrialization is NOW ON TRAIL…

Then there were standardized positions, processes and procedures that were occupied by individuals who were trained to meet the STATUS QUO or The NORM for that age. Copy-cat workers with the SAME SKILL SET was needed for MASS PRODUCTION. Some still remain in this same paradigm.

Key: An age is a period of time that comes to an end. I was only fourteen ONCE! When I turned fifteen (a period of time) I could not turn back the hands of time to go back to fourteen, but I could go back to that period of time in my mind.


Increasing Your Income

The amount of “Income” you receive is based on your “Output” or “Outpour.” It is not about how many hours your spend “Working” or how hard you “Work.” “Income” is determined by how many lives you affect (Positively or Negatively).


If you become more effective in what you do (which is who you are) then the quantity of lives you touch will increase. As a result the “QUALITY” of the lives you touch should be GRADE “A.” However your “Outpour” must be of “Quality” in order for this to occur and become a reoccurring event in your life and the lives of those who you are connected to.

Many… Many… Many… desire to have more income (monetarily), but fail to realize that the amount of income (monetarily) one receives is determined on how much is sown and the quality of the seed that is sown.

Continue to plant and water, God will give the increase!

By the way.. Income is released to you when you “RELEASE” the potential on the inside of you, but it takes someone to speak to the locked up potential that is on the inside of you.

Many… Many… Many… individuals “Spend” their time “Working” instead of “Investing” their time “Producing.” The systems of the world (or worldly thinking) recognize quantity (Activity-Based) instead of quality (Result-Oriented). This is an (INDUSTRIALIZED) assembly line mentality where everyone is producing one product with no variation because a stringent process (or routine) has been put in place and REMAINS in PLACE.

Same Thoughts = Same Actions = Same Results

A Different Thought…

Bulls Fans…

Let’s say that Derrick Rose attempts ten free throws and out of the ten he makes nine.

That equals 90 percent (which is awesome).

Now… Derrick attempts one-hundred free throws and out of one-hundred he makes ninety.

That equals 90 percent (which is awesome).


Derrick’s free throw percentage remained the same whether he attempted 10 or 100.

What does this tell us?

If you practice at becoming “EFFECTIVE” at what you do (which is who you are) then your attempts can be minimal at best, but your percentage of efficiency will remain the same. Less time spent attempting free throws with the SAME PERCENTAGE OF EFFIENCY. However, you must become proficient at producing quality output and this results from right practices. So, you must analyze what and how you produce and practice then make adjustments accordingly.

The highest order is to become… We are therefore we produce..

Kingdom Blessings