A J.O.B.S. perspective on meetings….

A J.O.B.S. perspective on meetings….

Meetings are necessary but the frequency of our meetings must be tempered.
Meetings provide a sense of importance and BELONGING (this is one of the reasons why people desire to meet so much).

Meetings transpire to address priority issues, however priorities issues are consistent to the personality or personalities of those delivering the information.

We must ask ourselves…

Does the issues that are deemed, “PRIORITY” of priority to the whole or the part (the individual)?

Inconsistency in the distribution of information results in a vision that is DIVIDED… An individual cannot afford to separate herself/himself from the whole.

It costs the individual and the organization…

This is called DIVISION…

What’s important to the individual may not be as important to the organization as a WHOLE.

Too many details.
Those individuals who submit information according to their own individual preference and agenda focusing on THEIR PART forgetting about the WHOLE.

Question to ponder:

What is the solution and how do we implement the solution?

Once again 80/20 principle is in full effect!

We must rapidly discern the root of an issue in order for the solution to be revealed. If we never get to the root of the issue then we will be placing band-aids on areas that are still infected. We don’t need any quick fixes. A wise master builder invests her/his time, “CASH”, effort and energy on the foundation. The house is built from the ground up.

Status Quo
Status Quo – The existing state of an individual or condition before war.

Let’s paradigm Shift…

Status Quo has endowed us with the ability to meet unnecessarily at times because we have fallen victim to a culture of routine mediocrity. As pioneers we must challenge the status quo to save time by being strategic in our application of different methods and form of suggestion.

Remember: Never dishonor those who have been called to oversee us in our respective workplaces.

Humility is key…

Last, but surely not least…

We must not be top-heavy (head knowledge) in the over accumulation of information that cannot readily be applied.

Eat the meat and spit out the bones…

Many of priority items can be caught by the spirit, we do not need interpret everything. This is why many people suffer from headaches and have lack of focus in the workplace. We must utilize our head knowledge to interpret information that should be interpreted by the Spirit.

But… You must first make room to receive.

Know the Script

Know the Script…

When you become a part of an organization you must become acquainted with the language of that organization.

The language of an organization is how the entity communicates. Communication is possibly the biggest stepping stone or stumbling block any company will encounter.

Communication is an expression of language… Internally and externally…
Verbally, Physically (facial expression or body position) or in WRITTEN FORM.

Written form can seen in the form of a script…

The script can be found in the employee handbook. Before you add to or try to remove the script, you must learn, know and HONOR the story line. You must also HONOR those who have come before you and those who are set in positions of authority. These individuals dispense the script accordingly (in conversation and indeed).

The script is line upon line… And assists in building a solid foundation…
Invest your time and money (CASH) in the foundational principles…

Key: You must know your lines, and be able to improvise. Many situations that you will encounter won’t go according to the script, but if you know your lines you will be able to make solid decisions in any unforeseeable circumstance.

When you are in the field, you may not be able to refer to the script by handbook.
This is why you must familiarize yourself with your lines INSIDE OUT.

When you know the script, the communication of the organization will no longer be a foreign language to you… You be able to hear, understand and respond in your native language..

First you have to leave the block..
You must leave your country… to go into another time zone!


All movies have storylines, actors and actresses. Many story lines convey the end (OBJECTIVE / GOAL) at the beginning. Each actor or actress must know the script in order to properly convey the storyline. The words (or script) are translated into ACTION (The plot).

If they haven’t mastered the script, there will be multiple TAKES.

TAKE 1! – TAKE 2! – TAKE 3! – TAKE 4!

Multiple takes occur when actors and actresses don’t know their lines.
Poor lighting can be an issue…

They have yet to understand…
They have yet to perfect their craft..
They have yet to perfect their serve…

When multiple takes occur, this adds excessive time to the production of the film.

And time is MONEY (CASH)!

Vision & Mission…

Vision & Mission…

Every organization, entity and organism has a mission and a vision.


These descriptions are commonly known as mission and vision statements.

The mission is the “PURPOSE” for the existence of an enterprise (business or person).
Why and how it does what it does?

The vision is where the enterprise (business or person) is going.
What does it (he/she) plans to become?

KEYNOTE: Never connect yourself to any person, place or thing that does not have a clear vision or mission. If there is no realization of both then where exactly is this circumstance going to take you?

NOTE TO SELF: The vision is realized before the mission. Many have yet to become conscious of their mission because the weight of life has placed a scale upon their eyes. This prevents them from “SEEING” or “PERCEIVING THE VISION.”

The vision must be RE-called, RE- cognized and identified before the mission manifests…

The blinders must be taken off through REVELATION…

This principle holds true, especially when we are discussing J.O.B.S.

As a suggestion: An individual should discover her/his person before deciding to pair with an organization. Notice, we didn’t utilize common terminology such as: “Find a job” or “Work for a corporation.”

You must be able to “HEAR” in order for this situation to transpire. You MUST be connected to a Prophetic Voice.


Myth #1- We don’t find jobs… The correct JOB is revealed when a measure of our TRUE IDENTITY is realized. Job opportunities are always present. The question is can we “SEE” them and is the job or “ASSIGNMENT” fit for the PURPOSE God has downloaded inside of US. We dis-cover opportunities!

Myth #2 – A corporation is merely a piece of paper, and we work with the ORGANIZATION therefore we are, “CO-LABORERS.” We submit our vision and mission to those of the organization in order for their vision and mission to be fulfilled.

In that our individual vision and mission will be fulfilled through SUB-MISSION AND OBEDIENCE.


When attempting to pair yourself with any organization, entity or organism have a clear grasp of what their vision and mission is, and what yours is as well.