There is a build up…

The line at the grocery BUILDS UP because someone has chosen not to release something. We cannot receive anything until there is first a release of something. The line will not move forward until there is a release.

Challenge of the Day: Detach yourself from what or who is holding your destiny hostage. Make a consciousness effort to separate yourself from people, places and things that have illegally grabbed a hold of you.  Once you are detached, fasten yourself to God.

 You will remain stable through the roller coaster of life when you trust in Him.

 There is a great BUILD UP OF MOMENTUM ready to be released. All we have to do is make the right decision.



What is financial freedom?

Being “financially free” and “financially empowered” is not at all the same. Empowerment grants us the power to make a decision. Our decisions are made according to our knowledge and our knowledge is connected to our source.

Who and what are you connected to?

Choosing to connect to the wrong source can short-circuit our experience on the road to becoming financially free. It is UP to us to make the correct decision (mentally) to concerning our financial freedom.

How we invest THE time and money released to US is a reflection of our hearts. ~ Marcus Cage

We must budget, and an authentic budget tells money where it should go before money tells us where we can go, what we can do, and who we are. A budget or lack of a budget is also a reflection of the heart.

 As with any child (or thought), there is a time when the training wheels must be in place and there is a time when the training wheels must be taken off. We must train UP our children (thoughts) to maintain balance (or stability) concerning our finances and every area of our lives.


Prepare yourself…

Food for thought: A “JOB” can be viewed an being employed within the confines of a CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE (or company).Each individual department serves as an individual business reliant upon the service and products of the other departments within the confines of the CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE (or company).This controlled atmosphere is the company we work with. WE understand that with we work WITH our respective organizations as PARTNERS in anticipation of achieving the vision and mission that has been set forth by the organization. When we come into the awareness of this TRUTH, we will be well on our way to starting and operating our own businesses within our predestined communities. We will translate this job experience into our own entrepreneurial reality.

Let us be faithful over what we perceive as the least…

Be grateful and steward the place God has sent you to…



We ALL have…

Okay… Okay….

We ALL have dreams…
We ALL have visions…
We ALL have goals….

Question: How in the world will these dreams, visions and goals come to pass?

SUBMISSION – To give up who we thought we were to become ALL God has called us to be. We must come UNDER (AS A SUPPORT) to those that God has sent to us, and those who God has sent us to.

Whether it be your job, pastor, child, spouse or client we ALL have to submit to ALL of these entities in order for ANYTHING LEGITIMATE to materialize in our lives.

What are their dreams, visions and goals? Hmm…




Here comes the flood….

Maybe some of the discomfort we experience is not the devil on the attack, but The Christ arising on the inside of us. If His train FILLS His temple, then maybe we should make room for God so He can FILL US UP to POUR US OUT. If He occupies the space (in our hearts and our minds), is there room for anyone or anything else? 


Pregnant With Purpose

Question:Did you know that every single individual you come into contact with is pregnant?

It does not matter if the person is male or female, everyone is pregnant with PURPOSE.

Our “BABIES” are awards, certifications, completions, promotions and other forms of recognition.

P.S. Don’t get too attached to your babies (award, recognition, certifications, etc.) Identity is not found in outside forms of achievement.

Babies (awards, certifications, recognition, etc.) are birthed through labor pains, and labor pains are the daily activities we endure.When we endure conflict with our colleagues and peers, this is representative of labor pains. Labor can be viewed as work produced through the birthing process. When the process is complete, there is still room for PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT.

REMEMBER: All children must be properly nurtured in order for them to grow.


GOOD DAY!This morning is different…Every morning I wake


This morning is different…

Every morning I wake up with thoughts that I ponder on for the day. This morning I wanted to share some thoughts with you in hopes of directing you into the path that God desires for you to walk into.The following questions are not directed to any specific person, however I ask that you please consider these questions as they may prove as a help to you in this season of your life. If these questions and statements prove helpful to you then this exercise has helped us all.

Thoughts and questions to ponder in this season and in every season:

1. Have you been honest with yourself on what your desires are? Really… Have you?
2.There are things you desire to occur in your life. Are they God desires?
3. Are you preparing for these things to manifest in your life with practical- everyday action or are you wishing upon a star hoping these things will magically appear?
4. Have you positioned yourself to receive the people, places, things and opportunities God desires to release into your life?
5. Are you making room for anything different to transpire in your life?
6. What and who are you attracted to?
7. What type of people, places, things and opportunities are you attracting?
8. Are you listening to the people God is sending you? No matter what they look like or who they are.
9. Are you listening with the intent to obey?
10. Where are the people or person that you need in this season located? Are you going to seek them or do you expect for them to seek you?
11. Who and what is holding you back?
12. Who and what is pushing you forward
13. Are you counting the cost of loss? Or are you focus on the God-kind of future loss will bring into your life?

Food to ponder…