TIP: Balancing the Scale in Your Favor



The Talent Investment Program (TIP) is a new service for entrepreneurs where they can get FREE professional services in exchange for products, services, royalties, etc. — anything can be negotiated between the entrepreneur and the professional services provider.

We call it “TIP” for Talent Investment Program.

The TIP program (TIP refers to the “tipping point”, at which point a company takes off), if developed properly, can be used by any talented professional, and any suitable start-up seeking talents to drive their growth.

The idea is that a person with talent (in copy-writing, consulting, website design and development, public speaking, strategy, email marketing, curriculum design, project management, etc.) can “invest” that talent (measured in hours OR in outcomes achieved) in a new start-up, and in return, receive products, services, royalties, etc.

This program will allow aspiring and established entrepreneurs to grow their business by exchanging S4S, S4P, P4P, P4S, S4R or P4R.

What does, “S4S, S4P, P4P, P4S, S4R or P4R mean?

We’ll further explain these concepts in our next post.
Please feel free to ask any questions.



Brainstorming is the CONTINUAL flow of ideas, thoughts and concepts. Brainstorming serves the purpose of watering the ground for growth. 

According to Mother Earth growth is a way of life. 

After the storm, the next course of action is GROWTH. There is little possibility of doubt arising in a plant because the plant itself in is total agreement with this course of action.

We as humans don’t possess the ability to stop the flow of rain because this flow did not originate from us although the flow is for us.

In terms of brainstorming within your predestined organization: Our partners, peers and colleagues have a choice to allow the current of ideas to flow. A second option is to decide to hinder the flow with counterproductive criticism or prejudgment. 

Consider this: It may be counterproductive for us to judge or constructively criticize an idea when it is being watered or when the idea is going through its growth process. If WE INTERRUPT the flow of ideas, thoughts and concepts, the probability of growth lessens.

Witty inventions (ideas, plans, processes, businesses, etc.) sometimes get held up because we attempt to ascertain a divinely inspired concept through a filter of human reasoning. The flow of ideas, plans, processes and businesses are dependent on a filter that must be pure (free from impurities that can hinder the flow).

Remember: Water never goes to waste; water always serves its purpose. Even when water is accidently spilled, it evaporates back into the atmosphere from which it came from. 

Be like water. ~ Bruce Lee 
More to come…

Get professional services for FREE! (Talent Investment Program)

(Post from Peter Nguyen)

Something new is on the horizon which may eliminate the exchange of money for services.

We are in the midst of creating a new service for entrepreneurs where
they can get FREE professional services in exchange for products, services,
royalties, etc. — anything can be negotiated between the entrepreneur and
the professional services provider.

We call it “TIP” for Talent Investment Program.

The idea is that a person with talent (in copywriting, consulting, website
design and development, public speaking, strategy, email marketing,
curriculum design, project management, etc.) can “invest” that talent
(measured in hours OR in outcomes achieved) in a new startup, and in return,
receive products, services, royalties, etc.

Wikipedia defines “tip” as a voluntary additional payment made for services
rendered, so it’s not far from our concept, except that in the case of TIP,
the money is much more than just a regular tip to a waiter.

There’s also the idea of a “tipping point,” which Wikipedia defines thus:

“In economics, the point at which a dominant technology or player defines
the standard for an industry-resulting in “winner-take-all” economies of
scale and scope.”

In other words, entrepreneurs who join the TIP group (we’ll have both a
Facebook page and a Facebook group by invitation only) can SIGNIFICANTLY
change and transform their business by having access to FREE professional

Talented professionals who participate, will be able to put their talent to
good use — and make additional money from the commissions or royalties
secured from the entrepreneur.

*** The fundamental idea is this: Talent which is NOT used, is wasted.

So if you’ve got a talent that can be useful to an entrepreneur, make sure
you USE that talent for the benefit of the entrepreneur — and you both can
split the profits.

Conversely, if you’re an entrepreneur and you lack a critical talent
(copywriting, selling, social media, website design, blogging, infoproduct
creation, media relations, landing page design and development, email
marketing, documentation, procedures writing, financing, etc.) then your
business is BLOCKED.

It will not grow as fast as it could.

So TIP solves both problems by enabling talented professionals (and there
are about 225 millions of them on Linkedin!) to put their talent to use AND
it enables entrepreneurs to receive free professional services.

Now, these professionals ARE paid but the money comes from the marginal
revenues generated from their talent services. In other words, the
entrepreneur’s customers are paying the professional.


Let’s take a concrete example.

You need copywriting for your Landing Page in order to sell a product or

Normally, I’d charge anywhere between $800 to $1,500 for writing such a
Landing Page.

This 10-hour service would include:

interviewing you to discover what is unique and valuable about your offer;
whom your customers are;
how and where to reach them;
how you will do the marketing and track results in real time;
quick review and audit of your existing marketing materials;
review of your business plan
research on your competitors
discovering what has worked before in the past, for you
discovering the key buying criteria

This work takes about a week.

Now, if your Landing Page sells a DVD, then it’s really a PERMANENT SALES
ROBOT that will generate revenues for you in the next few years (until your
product becomes obsolete).

In other words, 5 to 10% of the people you send to your Landing Page, will
become customers paying you. And you can even sell them MORE stuff in the
future (it’s called upselling or cross-selling).

Visionary entrepreneurs who have total confidence in their product, don’t
have a problem shelling out $1,000 or $2,000 to create such a Landing Page.
They know it’s a money-maker.

In fact, a Landing Page generates MONEY for you even while you’re sleeping
(or playing tennis, as I do!).

The problem, however, with a startup is that the product or service is never
quite 100% proven.

So you’re not sure you want to pay the copywriting $1,000 to write the
Landing Page.

So what do you do???

You invite the copywriter to bear the RISK with you, in exchange for a share
of the REWARD.

So the copywriter might agree, IF he believes your product is good, to
charge you only $300 and get paid 30% in royalties until a ceiling of $3,000
is reached.

Remember that this $3,000 is paid by your customers, not you!

And if the $3,000 is paid to the copywriter within a certain timeframe, he
might even agree to refund your $300.

This means the copywriting service was totally FREE for you!


Perhaps the most important benefit offered by TIP is that you are “forced”
to develop the very best product ever.

If not, no sane professional will invest time and talent into your venture.

The Talent Investment Program is, in essence, quite simple:

People who have talent, invest it in startups they believe in. The
entrepreneurs win, the talented professional wins, the customer wins (since
the entrepreneur can deliver the products or services sooner).

Success-filled vs. Success-ful

Success defined according to its original connotation is living according to God’s purpose and destiny for your life. An individual can be SUCCESSFUL according to the world’s view, however if he is not living ON PURPOSE, then he is truly missing the mark. In most cases, those who are success – full (according to a worldly perspective) are full of themselves and refuse to make room for anyone else. The success-ful are opera singers who sound is, “I… I…I… I…me…me…me…me…me…” There is no room for company if it is all about you. When we allow people to come into our home (life) they get ideas on how to decorate their home (life).

Food for thought: Those who are striving to become success – FUL , and become weary are FULL of themselves. We must inventory the motives of the heart. A success- FILLED person is building according to a Godly pattern. His measuring stick (or standard) is THE WORD, and not the abundance of possessions that feed the EGO (Refer to Luke 12:13-21).

The rich young ruler used “I” six times in this story. Hmm….


Making ENDS Meet


Financial Food for Thought:

Question: How can we make ends (our responsibilities and our money) meet if both ends are going in opposite directions?

Come on…. 
Let’s be honest…

We do not need to exhaust our energies and efforts (our thought and our actions) trying to make ends meet FINANCIALLY when our hearts and minds are not yet on the same page. 


We ask you, “Is all this really worth the hassle if we have yet to be honest with ourselves and our current financial situation?”

Our ends (hearts and minds) have to be on the same page, and have to be located in the same book, “THE WORD.” When this occurs, our thought and our actions will LINE UP!

Our responsibilities and our money will LINE-UP!

This issue is not a quick fix, but God has made it POSSIBLE.

Let’s be honest…

The solution is a TOTAL renewing of the mind which only transpires when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior in our life, and in A SPECIFIC area of our lives. In this exercise we are speaking our of FINANCES.

John 14:6 (NIV) Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus is how our ends will meet to become ONE.


Personal Growth and Development

Food for thoughtWhen we become stretched beyond our purpose we become inconsistent and fall short of our primary goal. The result is instability and multiple personalities better known as “ups and downs” or “The roller coaster ride of inconsistency”. In contrast, when we filter information through our primary goal we will become consistent in efforts to achieve all of our goals. This is called “ONENESS.”



One reason why we have problems in the area of Personal Growth and Development is because we are spread too thinThis means that we do too much and not enough to accomplish the primary goal that we were sent to accomplish.  


 Let us be stretched within the confines of purpose, this is where we will discover success.


Financial Food for Consumption: Let’s shift our focus from PINCHING PENNIES to shifting our focus upon STRETCHING DOLLARS. Some of us invest a tremendous amount of time and energy on TRYING NOT TO SPEND ANYTHING when a better practice calls us to invest our time and energy on how to spend and what to spend the money on. ~ Matthew 25:18


Workplace Relationships and Ethics

Food for thought: Maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace is a reflection of exceptional work. The workplace is a place (mentally and physically) where work is produced. Exceptional work is based upon relationships that are ethical.

 How do we determine if our work exceptional?

How do we de relationships are ethical?

 Let’s define the word “ETHICS.”

 Ethics can be defined as rules of conduct that GUIDE and GOVERN the actions of an organization and those individuals who are in relationship with the organization. Ethics are built upon principles. Principles are the “first things” needed in the building of ANY structure whether we are referring to a physical building or our individual lives.

 Wisdom Key: If we are in relationship with someone or something we do not visit their facility (or house) bringing extra garbage nor do we leave someone’s house without picking up after ourselves. This type of act can be considered as unethical.

Our work must be exceptional and our relationships must be ethical.

 Whether we anticipate having expected or unexpected company our workplace (mentally and physically) is reflection of who we are and what our lives are built upon (PRINCIPLES). Our workplace should be clean because of the habits that have been formed from the daily exercise of ethical conduct. In retrospect, ethical conduct has become our first nature because we have replaced old habits with new habits.  The replacement of the old with the new is revealed through the rules of conduct that guide and govern our actions.

 Cleaning is not a chore, cleaning is a way of life. ~ Marcus Cage


Witty Inventions

Witty inventions (ideas,plans,processes,businesses,etc.) sometimes get held up because we attempt to ascertain a divinely inspired concept through a filter of human reasoning.

The flow of ideas, plans, processes and businesses are dependent on a filter that must be pure (free from impurities that can hinder the flow).


Leveraging Your Organization for Promotion

If we aspire to become entrepreneurs we must learn how to effectively leverage our resources within a controlled atmosphere (or company). The company or organization is the controlled atmosphere employees find themselves within.

 In essence, this is our NETWORK. When the mentality of building a network is understood within our hearts and within our minds we will be able to positively affect the PRE-DESTINED communities we have been sent to.

  • God is an entrepreneur… He is in the business of restoration.
  • Our businesses should serve the purpose of restoring our communities.
  • It is the Will of God that every need be fulfilled according to His purpose, plan and promise.
  • Food for thought: A job can be viewed as being employed within the confines of a controlled atmosphere (or company).Each individual department serves as an individual business unit that is reliant upon the service and products of the other departments within the confines of the controlled atmosphere (or company).This controlled atmosphere is the company we work with. 

 There is an immediate network within our grasp which enables us to progress, grow and expand on a foundation that has already been builtWhen we graduate onto running our own businesses, we must take this mentality with us. The time for preparation is NOW!

 We are on the cusp of becoming entrepreneurs!

 First things first…

 We must cultivate the habit of identifying issues that our fellow employees and organizations are encountering. This is an illustration of customer service. Our service should lead to solutions.  

 WE understand that with we work WITH our respective organizations as PARTNERS in anticipation of achieving the vision and mission that has been set forth by the organization. When we come into the awareness of this TRUTH, we will be well on our way to starting and operating our own businesses within our predestined communities.

 We will translate the job experience into our own entrepreneurial reality

 Ponder on this…

 Our service should lead to a solution.  If we are providing services only we cannot detach ourselves from the PHYSICAL LOCATION of the workplace.  The goal of separation is not to rid ourselves of the job experience due to the wear and tear of dealing with people, places and things. The goal of separation is to graduate onto a new endeavor (or mindset) which allows us to experience another degree of freedom.  Freedom allows us to become more mobile in order to serve more people.

Separation moves us closer to purpose and away from superficial distractions.

Food for thought: Many individuals that own and run companies work in only one dimension of business which is serviceService-oriented businesses serve their customers and consumers by providing hands-on/one-on-one counseling, training and consultation. The end product for some is a transaction involving a physical product. The end product for others is a satisfied customer with no product. With no product CONTINUOUS VALUE cannot be added to the lives of their customers.

  If the service-oriented businesses owners who ONLY FOCUSED ON SATISFIED CUSTOMERS are not present to provide service, the business cannot and does not make money because the company only works in one dimension. This is the same recipe that is being partaken of at your workplace.

 To be continued….


Brother Marcus Cage

Just On the Brink of Success