Frequently Asked Questions

Question of the Day: What do I need to effectively run my business?
If you answer was “MONEY,” then you are correct. Let’s call money “FINANCIAL CAPITAL.” However, we need much more than “MONEY” or “FINANCIAL CAPITAL” to effectively run our businesses.

What else do we need to effectively run our businesses?
Well… We also need Human Capital, Physical Capital, and Intellectual Capital. Our focus today is on Intellectual Capital.

Intellectual Capital can come in the form of business plans, procedures, blueprints, manuals, maps, diagrams, etc… etc… etc… 

The list goes on and on…

WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING. Wisdom comes from “PEOPLE” known as “HUMAN CAPITAL” who have a proven business model, skill, or expertise in a given area. These people are called, “SPECIALISTS.” Specialists specialize in a specific field of expertise.

How does The Talent Invest Program (TIP) benefit my business?
“TIP” allows you to exchange Intellectual Capital with SPECIALISTS. “TIP” also allows you to build your network (Human Capital) which can minimize the use of money (Financial Capital).

Take the first step in building your business by filling out the form below.

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