Every business meeting has an agenda that must be administered and followed to the tee. The agenda of a meeting is very much similar to a grocery list of “to do’s” for a company. Some employees purchase the wrong items because they are either in the wrong aisle of the store. There is even a possibility that they may be in the wrong store.

How do some of us end up in the wrong store?
Why do some of us end up in the wrong aisle?
Why are some of us purchasing the wrong items?

Self is the answer to these questions, but self is NOT THE ANSWER.
When we filter our communications through the lens of self, we cannot follow our company’s agenda to the tee. If we miss the tee, then we miss OUR goal.

YOUR success is dependent on the reception of communications according to your agenda.

OUR success is dependent on the reception of communications according to our agenda.

– Our agenda is set forth by the organization we with work with.
– We must receive information through the filter of US.


The “receipt” of the communications for employees are the PERFORMANCE outcomes that are set forth by the organization.

– Customer Acquisition
– Customer Retention
– Product Quality
– Product Quantity
– Revenue

How much do these items cost?
The grocery list of items above has a price tag of SELF.


Communications can also be viewed as a deposit of information released from one individual or group of people to another individual or group of people. At times the deposit can’t be made because one or more of the individuals involved in the exchange (or transaction) is preoccupied with SELF. Our agenda is sometimes louder than the agenda of the organization. This is one of the reasons why we don’t hear our future calling; SELF mutes the incoming call of OUR FUTURE.

We must lay down our agenda to benefit others!
This is effective communications.

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