You don’t get paid for the hour, you get paid for the VALUE you put in the time. We don’t get paid for time. We get paid for VALUE. ~ Jim Rohn

Question: If we don’t get paid by the hour but by value do we need to be physically at the work place eight hours a day?


All results are measured in VALUE though its takes time for a work (or value) to be produced.

It is not the number of hours we put in at the workplace but the value produce in the number of hours we are physically present. When we say we get PAID PER VALUE, we mean that an individual gets paid per the value she PRODUCES. This same individual can be physically present in the workplace and not produce. After awhile of being unproductive, she will not have a job. What some call “GETTING FIRED” we call a “BREAK-UP.” Break-Ups occur when one individual outgrows another or if the terms of agreement are not being met.

Food for thought: When we were in junior high, we spent at least seven hours in school (which produced a nine to five mindset).If we didn’t PRODUCED anything (exceptional grades) we were held back.

Our personal and professional lives are measured in results (or outcomes), not activity.


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