There is evidence of success and there is success.
Trust, and believe that there is a difference between the two.

Let us visit the courtroom in session:

The defendant, Antoine Edwards was arrested and detained for the possession of Cars, Cribs, Clothing and other items that SOME BELIEVE to be valid evidence of success. All the items above, “Cars, Cribs and Clothing” have been tested and proven as success according the WORLD’S UNDERSTANDING.

Antoine, “How do you plea?”
“NOT GUILTY YOUR HONOR!” Antoine replies.

Huh? The court room is in a total shock of silence. Who would have thought that Antoine would take a plea of “NOT GUILTY” to the accusation of success?
He does have the ideal career, biggest house, nicest car, etc…etc… etc…

Aren’t these things accurate measurements of success?

Remember: When any individual stands before a judge, and is placed on trail there is a test of character that occurs. Before the trail proceedings begin there is something called a, “sworn testimony” that sounds something like this: Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Antoine replies, “Yes.”

Let the trail proceedings begin…

When we are placed on trail this is a test of character, so essence character will prove if Antoine is “GUILTY” or “NOT GUILTY” of success.
Success is the progressive-realization of your true identity in Jesus Christ. So, success is who you ARE, NOT who you WAS OR USED TO BE.

Success is who you ARE, NOT who you WAS.
Success is being, and then doing.
Success is the person you become, NOT the material things you purchase.

Success’ autograph reads: “I am therefore I do.”
Food for thought: If you do without realizing who you are you will be subject to failure.

Because you may DOING something God did not predestined you to BECOME. If you choose to DO something without discovering who you ARE then failure is inevitable. Also, the extra incentive and ambition to try harder is inevitable as well… BUT why try harder at something that God has not ordained you to become or do?


You cannot go to a mechanic and get a haircut, just as you cannot go to a florist to get a pedicure. No matter how hard the mechanic or florist try they can only service the needs of customers according to their design.

Eye vs. Eyes

Many have taken their eye off success in character building because their eyes are on externals (Cars, Clothes, and Cribs). Many are consumed with EGO feeding. Their eye has been taken off building the kingdom of character to focus on building the kingdom of SELF.

Back to Anotine…

The judge found him “NOT GUILTY” of success due to the evidence of success that was built upon man’s wisdom.

His freedom was restored!


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