Food for thought…

Intelligence: Intelligence has more to do with awareness than it does the accumulation of “book” or “head” knowledge. Intelligence is not how “smart” you are (SORRY); it’s an accumulation (in quality and quantity) of common sense. Common sense is the storehouse where all of our past experiences are stored and filed.

We cannot compare apples to oranges…

Apples and oranges are both fruit, but yet both are DIFFERENT. You and I are both humans, but yet we are both different. We are not “smarter” than one another because we are different. We learn differently, we think differently and we have similar, but different interests.


We all have different talents, skills, and abilities. Though we have standards used to measure scholastic ability in the Earth, these measures do not honestly weigh our “Intelligence.” These measures indicate our ability to RETAIN information that is released to us in the story of our individual lives.

In essence, talent and skill is the natural ability God has deposited on the inside of us and manifests in the Earth. So, a person can be “dumb” if he/she has accumulated a high dosage of “head” or “book” knowledge because he/she maybe only AWARE of his/her experience and no one else’s. Also, if he/she has yet to tap into their natural God-given ability then he or she can be considered as dumb (in a nice way).



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