Money in its earthy suit can be viewed as paper instruments (or dollar bills) in a printed form of expression.


Money is not spent….. Money has never been spent…
I know.. I know…

What in the world do you mean money is not and has never been spent?


Think about it: The idea of money being spent means that when it’s “spent” it’s gone. Would you agree?

True… True…

Now, does money miraculously vanish from the face of the planet because it leaves your hand?

We tell you, “NO!!!”

Have ever entertained the thought of something or someone sacred leaving your presence and never coming back?

If this were to happened, what would you do?

Hold on for dear life!

If you must hold on to something for dear life, is it truly yours?
If you release something, do you have faith that something greater will be released to you?

If you never released anything, then how can you make room for more?

Remember: God will never leave nor forsake us. He was, is and forever will be the person responsible for releasing money into our hands. If He will never leave nor forsake us, maybe the reason why our money is sporadic and minute is because we left his presence to chase dem dollars.

Or maybe we are holding on to the money is our possession because we don’ trust Our Father?

I can guarantee that anytime you released money from your hand, you received something in advance (before the transaction took place) or you received something after the transaction took place.

What do you place value on?

Hmm…. Think about it.


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