The other night I watched a teaching talking about how “jobs” are from the devil and how “jobs” are constructed to take us off of our purpose or assignment. Mind you, that this word was released in 2012.


It’s okay… Thank God for revelation..
It’s okay to have a job. For many this serves as a place of learning, training and most importantly humility.

Food for thought: An individual never gets stuck working a job, she gets stuck in the mentality of working. Many believe their jobs are merely a means of earning an income when in truth that particular job may be the means God is using to prepare them for their assignment. If you come to work to “just do your job” then that is not enough to complete the assignment God has given you. We shouldn’t measure the number of hours invested at the workplace, we measure the quality of fruit produced from the assignment.

For starters, there is no such thing as a “dead” end job. Up until this point, we have fallen victim to this belief because we have not come into an experience that presented us with a revelation of why jobs exist. 

Remember this: Work is a NOUN, and a verb.

Work is not just a physical destination; it can be viewed as the distribution of our experience, training, skill and talent that equates to people, products, programs and services. The more quality training we receive, the more that can be shared with customer and consumers. Consequently, the consumers turn into producers of quality information.

I am going to be releasing “Just on the Brink of Success” sometime this year (PRAYERFULLY). The book will provide us with a better understanding of why jobs exists. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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