Financial Food for Consumption: Let’s shift our focus from PINCHING PENNIES to STRETCHING DOLLARS. Some of us invest a tremendous amount of time and energy on TRYING NOT TO SPEND when a better practice calls us to invest our time and energy on what Our Father desires for us to spend the money on. ~ Matthew 25:18

The third man in Matthew 25 was a penny-pincher…. 



This young man didn’t know His Father very well, but ponder in this…

Always remember this: We ALL have to follow someone….
We can follow after Jesus because we know what type of man He was and is… We can follow after those who reflect Christ’s nature based on who He was and who He is in the Earth…

He choose us first!

Wisdom key: It takes more energy (mentally and physically) to dig a hole than it does to sow a seed. If you have dug a hole (financially) with your past decisions, stop digging and sow a seed of your TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE…

Your TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE is borrowed anyway, so why not give these things back to those who need them the most?

This will make Your Daddy proud of the person He has called you to become.

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