Welcome to TIP!



Welcome to TIP!

Good Evening Mrs. Thomas …
My name is Marcus and I will be your waiter for this evening.

Today’s specials are:

S4S (Service – 4 – Service)
P4P (Product – 4- Product)
P4R (Produc – 4- Royalty)

Our ‘S4S’ special consists of you exchanging a service for a service with us or one of our partners within our network.

Our ‘P4P’ special consists of you exchanging a product for a product with us or one of our partners within our network.

Our ‘P4R’ special consists of you exchanging a product for a royalty with us or one of our partners within our network.

Can I start you off with a “TIP” for today?

Business success is based upon defining and refining the needs of your customer (or consumer).


Here is the main course….

No one can be successful in business alone. We also must learn how to effectively manage ourselves at the personal level to be success-filled in business.

The TIP program (TIP refers to the “tipping point”, at which point a company takes off), if developed properly, can be used by any talented professional, and any suitable start-up seeking talents to drive their growth.The idea is that a person with talent (in copy-writing, consulting, website design and development, public speaking, strategy, email marketing, curriculum design, project management, etc.) can “invest” that talent (measured in hours OR in outcomes achieved) in a new start-up, and in return, receive products, services, royalties, etc.

For dessert…. I would also like to tell you that defining and redefining the needs of your customer will allow you to tailor your services and products to your clients, employees and potential investors. Any suit looks and fits better when its tailored to the specific shape, size and body type of the person is it bought for.

Mrs Thomas: Ok… Your menu looks and sounds good, but in order to run a business I need some money. How can I make money from TIP?

Ahh… Good question… I’ll inform you about how that works on your next visit to TIP..

Now as you read this… How can we serve you?

To Be Continued…

FREELY we give, FREELY we receive



Food for thought: I tell you this…

If we have a problem that has turned into a “PATTERN” of us not paying our bills on time then we can say that we may have a problem submitting to authority.


A bill can be view as a monetary obligation for a PRODUCT or SERVICE rendered. If a product or service has been rendered by someone the product or service has been received by someone.. FREELY we give, FREELY we receive removing the mentality of OBLIGATION.


A bill can also be viewed as a proposal INTRODUCED that is under consideration in order to be passed into a LAW.

So… please consider my proposal to you: Authority in a intangible sense is the Spirit of God that sends a check into our hearts to do what is right. 

However, God also uses people, places and things as a system of CHECK AND BALANCE. (Ephesians 6:4-7)