Maybe the only time we “COMPETE” for job positions in the marketplace is when we haven’t experienced a revelation of who we are,who we’ve been called to serve and our purpose.


Maybe the only time we “COMPETE” for customers in the marketplace is when we haven’t experienced a revelation of who we are, who we’ve been called to serve and our purpose.We don’t have to compete against one another in life or in business because we all have been sent to serve a specific target market.

Many individuals and businesses stunt their own growth because of the fear factor. The thought of sharing “trade secrets”with a “competitor” is an action some rather not take. ——– Some have yet to make this purchase :0 —– They have yet to buy into this notion.

If we perceive our “allies” as “competitors” we see them as opposition, adversaries and opponents. This is a”wedge” that separates us from walking in agreement with each other,and with that decision we make a conscious or unconscious effort to separate ourselves from purpose.

Wisdom Key:  Light was and is separated from darkness.We are all are and have been in a state of darkness. At times, we see this state as light because we are and were walking with our eyes open (naturally). No one in the right state of mind will choose to go back into darkness when she  has been introduced to revelation.

 Trade Secrets

Trading secrets is the exchanging of information that allows us to come into the realization of our true identity in our personal lives, careers and businesses. Trading secrets are transactions between two or more parties, and benefit all the parties involved.

Food for thought: When shopping…… If we are to get the right size and have the look that fits who we are becoming, we need to take someone with us when we are looking for clothing (Our Identity). Shopping in this expression is “trading secrets.”

 Note: It is imperative that you don’t go shopping by yourself.

All sizes don’t fit us. There are times when we have on clothing that feels comfortable because our past is a place of comfort.  Often times, comfort is the doorway to complacency.

  •  Where is your personal life headed?
  • Where is your career going?
  • Where is your business going?

First things first…

What do you desire to achieve in your career and business?

There are many success measurements when we speak about career and business. For me, these measurements have proven to be very effective measurements when considering career and business.

  • Customer Acquisition – Attracting customers who make purchases.
  • Customer Retention – Repeat buyers; customers who have turned into consumers of your product.
  • Product Quality – Products that meet sand exceed the need (or demand) of your target market.
  • Product Quantity – The amount of product produced that meets and exceeds the need (or demand) of your target market.
  • Revenue – Income (in money and knowledge) generated from doing business.
  • DCOS –Direct cost of producing product; how much does it cost you to make your products?

Go ahead and choose a success measurement.

Once you determine what you desire to achieve, then you can determine what store (person or business) you will visit.

In terms of career and business: Determine what type of suit or clothing you need by allowing someone who is seasoned to assess how you look.  This example speaks in reference to the current state of your career and business.

A suit (or clothing) speaks of identity.  A suit looks and fits better when it’s tailored to the specific shape, size and body type of the person is it bought for.


What do you desire to achieve in your career and business according to one of the success measurements in this submission?

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