I wear many hats….. Why?

Question #1: How many hats do you have in your closet of skill sets?
Question #2: Are you a jack of all trades, and a master of none?
Question #3: Why do you wear so many hats?
Question #4: It is by force or is it by choice?

Many of our jobs place us in a position of being a jack of all trades…

In such a case, a wild card wins when it comes to division…
Being a wild card affects your concentration, and follow- through…
Never have we ever witnessed a basketball player halt the follow through of his jump shot to pick up a football to be thrown…


Although, a basketball player halts the follow- through of his jump shot if:
• The shot is blocked.
• The ball slips out of his hands.
• The referee blows his whistle.
A point guard is a point guard… He “quarterbacks” plays though he has the
ability to rebound. He FOCUSES his energy on running the offense.

I don’t wear many hats, though I have many different colors (expressions) of the same hat.
Training is the hat that best fits who I am… WHO YOU ARE IS YOUR IDENTITY…

These are my expressions of training (Who I am):
* Training curricula
* Posters w/quotes
* Hard Copy Books
* Ebooks
* Work Books
* Audio Books
* Online Tutorials
* Instructional Videos

Wearing many hats comes with the territory, but when we change the territory within our minds, our circumstances will change.

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