If your business is in its infancy (or baby) stage, we can assist you in helping your child grow up, and gain her stability. She must crawl before she can walk… She must walk before she can run…

In order for you to run towards your goals,you must first have stability…

Question: How old is your baby (business) and what do you need help with?

Would you allow us to baby sit your child?

 Crawling is slow and gradual… A parent is needed to hold the child’s hand in order for her or him to gain balance… A partner is needed, IT TAKES TWO.

A child should not go before the parent because he or she will more than likely get lost…

So… What stage is your business in?

Stages of growth and development consist of:

1) Newborn (or a toddler) who is immature. He or she understands but can’t relay the information that has been received.  Care is provided for a toddler at all times; a system of thought has yet to be established. No system of thought, no execution. The baby (or business)will walk in a wobbly fashion due to a lack of stability.

2) A Half Grown Boy or Girl (A child ages of 3 to 12 years): Very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions; Child is still learning the fundamentals in hopes of handling the checkbook. Responsibility w/o authority (ability clean up their rooms); Discovering their own opinions,however still misplaces shoes and shirts which symbolic of a misplaced identity.

3) Teenager (12-18 years): Child begins to smell him or herself; KNOW IT ALL. Desires title, money and position;SELF-AGENDA. Teenager shifts away from submission; responsibility and accountability.Prefers to rule the world, rather than serve the people.

4) Adulthood (21 and Up): License to drive is valid; Interacts on his own through networking (peer relationship – outreach); Cares about relationships more than business; Possesses the heart to serve, and won’t compromise values for worldly appetites. Needs limited supervision, BUT looks to be accountable, submitted and responsible (mentor relationship – upreach). A solid system of thought has been established; proper execution.

Remember… You cannot allow everyone to hold your child.

More information on ‘TIP’ available @

Thanks goes to Apostle Steven Moffett for some great insight used for this post.

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