Business and Ministry


“MINISTRY” cannot be pigeonholed to the four walls of the church… The ‘MAIN’ purpose of anything we do is to restore individual lives, families and communities.. If we continue to look at business through a tradition lens of what ministry is then there will be no convergence of the two into one.From a practical standpoint, businesses are to generate profits. However, if our business is generating a profit then this can serve as a prototype for others to FOLLOW….

This allows our business partners and clients to meet Jesus in the flesh (through what God has done through
us) which is indeed ministry..

We declare that the traditional lines of what we believed to be ministry and business be broken… The two shall become one…

Lines of Credit…

Capital One… Master Card… Visa… American Express… Chase…



The credit card industry is the only industry I can think of
that does NOT have a product, there product is your income!
When a credit card company extends a line of credit to you
they are simply tapping your future earnings, it isn’t
another source of income it is YOUR income. Each time you
use the card it ensures that you MUST get up every morning
and go to work to pay (or build treasure cities) that credit
card whether you want to or not. ~ Julius Thomas



“My baby cannot see the board!” Patrice exclaimed.

Erin is having trouble completing her assignments. She is receiving a “C” in your class. MY BABY IS NOT AVERAGE! I am a single mom trying to make ends meet, and I send Erin to school to get the skills she needs to become a responsible adult. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?”

Ms. Johnson explains (in a very calm and smoothing voice), “Well Ms. Williams…

I have moved Erin to the front of the class so she can see the board better. Erin is very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. However, I notice that she squints often, and experiences a large number of headaches throughout the school day. I am wondering if Erin needs glasses, have you ever had her eyes looked at?

 Patrice replies, “No… I work fifty hours a week. I don’t have the time nor do I have the money to get Erin’s eyes looked at!”

The question is, “What does a single mother who works fifty hours a week do in this situation?”

Well… We all need people outside of us who are licensed to diagnose issues that we cannot see with our naked eye. However,we must first take a permanent vacation from our hourly-busy counter productive work schedules.  

 Once Patrice makes this decision, she will have time to get Erin’s eyes looked at.

Take a vacation from forty, fifty and sixty hour work weeks…

It’s time for some new glasses…

If your career or business is in its infancy (or baby) stage, we can assist you in helping your child grow up, and gain her stability. She must crawl before she can walk… She must walk before she can run…

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Society places great value on natural growth and development, but not a great deal of emphasis has been placed on spiritual growth and development. Natural growth and development without the Spirit of God is behavior modification and results in deformities. Our goal should not be to modify the behavior, but to replace the behavior with the a Christ-like nature.


Think about it….

The frustration that lies within you is a groaning for more of God and less of you. It is your soul crying out for more. This is a thirst and a hunger that cannot and will not be satisfied by cars, clothes, cash, or even natural promotion. The groaning on the inside of you is a cry that screams, “Identity!” His train fills the temple (you), and there is no room for anything else in the temple but His presence. God desires to leave His imprint on the Earth, and this will happen through the imprint that He leaves on those who are sent to touch the Earth. Many are called, but few are chosen.