Boot Legs


This is a word of truth for someone… Don’t be mad…



When a person purchases a “Boot Leg” movie that person is actually taking money out of the economy (in terms of dollars that are being taxed by the government). There is NO tax paid on a “Boot Leg” movie. This is why selling boot leg movies are considered as a “hustle.” Remember: Fast money is just like fast food, it comes through one end and out the other.


In reality, the “hustler” is stealing revenue that is made from ticket sales, DVD sales, etc… etc…. Hustling affects the movie theater, the employees of the movie theater, the actors, the production company and all the individuals who invested their time and energy in production of the film.
Not to mention….

The families who look to invest time with each other by enjoying themselves at the movie theater.

My PEOPLE…. Hustling reaches far beyond the scope of merely selling drugs.

UH OH ….. Anyone associated with this type of transaction is known as an “accomplice to a robbery.”


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