Loving Others Unconditionally


These people at the job are crazy!!!

These people at my job get on my nerves!!!


Our jobs present us with the opportunity to learn how to love others unconditionally through service. Genuine service comes from a heart of obedience, forgiveness and submission.

Genuine service is not self-seeking.

Please understand this: When our co-workers see us they should see Jesus.


“OUR ASSIGNMENT” is NOT conditional, but there are times when we believe our jobs are….

These are two totally different mentalities…

A job is temporary, and can be considered as something you have been hired TO DO. An assignment can also be temporary, but should be considered as the person God has predestined for you to become. Our daily interactions with those who ruffle our feathers is called process.

Many of us feel as though our jobs are the vehicles we use to pay bills… But in Kingdom Reality our jobs are the vehicles we use not only to pay bills, but to win souls…. If you understand your assignment in the Earth.

One of the goals attached to our assignment is to win souls.

Remember: Our jobs are assignments given to us from God…
That is if we have allowed him to order our steps regarding the acquisition of employment.

You can easily find a job, but God must issue an assignment from his desk.


Maybe the reason why some of us are unemployed or underemployed is because God is preparing us for our assignment…

Love allows us to see a light where others would see darkness…
Love allows us to stand firm throughout the process…
Love allows us to complete our assignment…

The question is: Do we as a people really understand the meaning of love?
Love that is unconditional…

We’ve have yet come into a love that is unconditional…

We prefer comfort over loving our neighbor unconditionally. We avoid Jack and Jill at the water cooler because we don’t want to be bothered. We walked pass those who are blind all day everyday, sometimes without taking any action. BUT.. Understand that Jack and Jill Jane need you in their life to demonstrate the LOVE OF GOD. You may be the only person they come into contact with that can demonstrate this kind of love the way The Father sees fit for His love to be displayed.

But… because we prefer to be comfortable we choose the road of comfort.

You have two choices on where to rest:

A. The couch
B. The throne

The couch is for couch potatoes who give audience to sleep.
The throne is for kings who rule and reign in the midst of their enemies.


Maybe the reason why some of your coworkers get on your nerves is because they have been sent to push you into your purpose and destiny….

Engage the process by interacting with those people and circumstance that may cause you the most discomfort.. Nothing of value was ever produced with some type of friction.

If you only knew my story….

If we knew what our co-workers have been through we would be more likely to extend grace and mercy to them… We would be more quick to forgive them for their trespasses which is an extension of love that glorifies our Father..

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