Let’s hit the mall…..  MEET ME THERE OR BEAT ME THERE!

How many people do we need with us to take this voyage?

Two…. Three…. Four…. Five….Six ….. Seven…… Maybe two, three or four?

THEN….  When we were in our early teenage years, we traveled in PACKS!!!

NOW…  We need maybe two or three contestants to accompany us on our shopping escapades.  Sometimes, we even hit the stories by our lonesome…. #SOLO – DOLO

THEN….Traveling in packs provided us with a sense of security. We desire to be affiliated with a “gang” of people which was a symbol to us of  SAFETY and AN EXTENSION OF FAMILY.

HOWEVER…. Underneath the cloak of safety and security we found ACCEPTANCE.


NOW… Does this circumstance remain true in our hearts and mind when we are speaking in terms of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR?

Numbers : Rejection and Your Money

Thought of the Day: Rejection of the truth is the acceptance of a lie; the opposite of rejection is acceptance.

A few days ago I was reading an article by Robert Kiyosaki entitled, “The Definition of Wealth.” Out of everything I read in the article I was dumb struck by one key statement:Wealth is measure in time,not dollars. Pray for me… I still have yet to recover from this revelation 🙂

WOW…. So we can become rich when we measure who were are and what lies in our possessions by a societal norm (A WORLDLY SYSTEM), but wealth can remain as a foreigner to us. #BOOM-POW-PING

Food for Thought: If we find ourselves not having enough time to complete the tasks of great priority then we have yet to tap into to the reservoir of wealth that lies within us.

My question to you is, “Do you desire to be rich (accordingly to the world) or do you desire to be wealthy in Christ?”

I ask you, “Have you accepted the truth about who you are while rejecting the lie of who society desires for you to become?

Or have you rejected the truth concerning who you are while accepting the lie of who society has portrayed you to be?


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