In part one of “The More the Merrier,” we declared that:

  • Traveling in packs provided us with a sense of security.
  • We desired to be affiliated with a “gang” of people which was a symbol to us of   SAFETY and AN EXTENSION OF FAMILY.
  • We can become rich when we measure who were are and what lies in our possessions by a societal norm (A WORLDLY SYSTEM), but wealth can remain as a foreigner to us.
  • If we find ourselves not having enough time to complete the tasks of great priority then we have yet to tap into to the reservoir of wealth that lies within us.

The question that lingers in my heart is,“Have we rejected the truth for the sake of accepting a lie?”

 Rejection of the truth is the acceptance of a lie; the opposite of rejection is acceptance.

 Numbers : Rejection and Your Money Cont’d

 Here are a few clichés for us to consider:

  • The more the merrier…
  • Bigger is better…
  • Time is money…
  • Money is the root of all evil…

Many of America’s clichés have become idols. These clichés have been misinterpreted or interpreted through an outdated system of thought. An outdated system of thought is evidence of an unrenewed mind. Many of us to use these proverbs as “TRUTH” in order to justify our abnormal behavior.

Maybe we’ll go into depth about this on a later date 🙂


Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Our entire lives have been measured by numbers

Did you have a lot of toys growing up?

  • Many of the tests you took when you were younger were scored using numbers.
  • Your GPA (Grade Point Average) was represented by a number.
  • Your check is presented to you by use of a number.
  • The time you spend at work or at the office is represented by a number.
  • The number of years you spent in college or at a job is represented by a…….NUMBER

Pass or fail:  Acceptance or rejection.

NOTE TO READER: The higher the number the better you feel or felt about yourself. The lower the number, the more incentive you had to do better. True or Fasle?

DO…DO… DO… is Performance. More on this later 🙂 😮

In many cases, this is an inaccurate measurement of success.  Then was O.K. now we know better.

UNDERSTAND THIS…. You can be employed and still have a low-level QUALITY of life. For those who are employed:  Allow the job to change you. PLEAZZZZZZZZZZZ 🙂

Here is our new motto for  2014:

You cannot change the job.

Come into the agreement with the process of change.

God desires to transform you.

Performance is usually based upon numbers, and there are times when even numbers lie.

Are you a performer or a pioneer?

When some people look at us, they size us up according the number of DEGREES, CERTIFICATIONS, AWARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS and even how long we’ve been on the job or in our respective professions. The more the merrier… The bigger the better…

Many of us associate numbers with IDENTITY and VALUE. The more money we have the better we feel about ourselves.The more awards we receive the better we feel about ourselves. The bigger the house the heavier the scent of arrival present. The bigger the entourage of fans and yes- men, the more we feel accepted by our peers, respected collegeaues and flunkies.

All these circumstances aforementioned are representative of a modern-day in crowd.

Wisdom Key: All past performances need to be disregarded for sake of building a monument of self.

Here is some truth for us to digest:

Matthew 7:14 (New Living Translation)

But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.

 Luke 12:15 (New Living Translation)

Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.”

The more of God the merrier…

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