A Great Exchange: Your Job and Your Money

A job can be viewed as a position within a company or organization for which we receive MONETARY COMPENSATION (not limited to paper money) in exchange for services and products.Anything that is deemed USEFUL to a customer or consumer can result in an exchange of monetary compensation or paper money. The expression of money is not limited to coins or paper. Money in essence is merely an exchange of value that is deemed useful to a consumer or customer. 

Food for Thought: The company you work WITH is your customer (or consumer) because they receive services and products from you in exchange for monetary compensation or money. As long as your services and products are deemed as useful your company will agree to an EXCHANGE.

So, if your employer presents you with a fifty-dollar gift card as recognition for a year’s worth of service, this can be considered as money even though it is not in coin or paper form. In contrast, if you take it upon yourself to introduce a new policy, this can result in an EXCHANGE if the policy is deemed useful to the organization you work WITH.

Always remember that you are not a slave to your employer, you work WITH them not for them. An individual is only a slave to her/his circumstances IF her/his mind is not constantly be renewed.


Food for thought….