Why is it that MANY entrepreneurs find themselves being held hostage by their own businesses?

1. Mentality – We can still possess a JOB MENTALITY, and have a business if we like to fly SOLO. Some entrepreneurs DECIDE to take on administrative tasks, marketing activities, accounting responsibilities, etc… etc.. etc…. etc….etc….

a. Employeepreneurs (entrepreneurs with a JOB MENTALITY) CHOOSE not to offer a TANGIBLE PRODUCT. A tangible product is an extension of who we are and allows us to become TIME RICH. YOU can be in more than one place if you have TANGIBLE PRODUCTS on someone else’s shelf.

b. Some entrepreneurs CHOOSE not to develop others. One of the primary goals of life and business is REPRODUCTION. Developing others allow us to BECOME MOBILE, and leave a legacy in the Earth while coaching and training our apprentices.

Food for Thought…


Some employees vacated a job (which they believed to be BONDAGE) to journey into an entrepreneurial venture of running their own business. For MANY owning and running their own business has transformed into a greater stronghold of bondage to the very thing they were attempting to FREE themselves from.

Now consider this…


It wasn’t necessarily the job that held many hostage, BUT maybe it was a JOB MENTALITY that arrested their development and still have many entrepreneurs in handcuffs today

Who’s next?



Who’s next?
Knocked down that credit card debt…

Who’s next?
Knocked down that Sprint bill…

Who’s next?

It makes you feel good when you are knocking down “bad” debt, huh?

Goliath cannot withstand the God on the inside of you. We charged you to keep that momentum as God has kept you.