A problem we are faced with when attempting

to help youth internalize positive behavior…

Learned behavior from parents, teachers and

relatives the youth spends time around.

When the most influential people in a youth’s life are not demonstrating positive behavior on a consistent basis, confusion is the end result.

When internal confusion occurs the path of least resistance is the ideal route the youth will take to bring temporary relief to his/her mind, will and emotions.

Positive behavior must be consistently demonstrated

for a youth to assimilate the behavior into his/her belief system.

From the early to mid 2000s, I served the Joliet area as a local street pharmacist. I played my part in the tearing down of my community.

When I share my past career path with some of my old high-school friends, their response is….

“I can’t see you doing that.”

My response is….

“Yeah I bet you can’t because that was not who I was. I was trying to be something and someone I was not.”

It takes more energy to be someone else than it does to be yourself.


My name is Mr. Cage, I used to work as a street pharmacist, but now I am a teacher who helps people advance into the future through the discovery of their true identities.

I play a part in helping build up my community.

Who are you?