Receive the people that have been sent to you with open arms, an open mind and an open heart.

There is no need to be intimidated by someone that has been sent to you to introduce you to your purpose and destiny.

Those who are on the same team are fighting for the same cause.



One of this year’s goals for Divine Works E&T is to create entertaining, educational and interactive content without the use of vulgar language and profanity.

While spending time with family this holiday season, we found it very difficult to find interesting and entertaining television without some kind of profanity.

The sad part about this is that some of the television shows were rated PG-13.

Please support our efforts by keeping us in your prayers.

The Divine Works E&T Team….

Stop bringing old baggage into your new house…

There is no room for old baggage!

When we get into a new relationship with a person, job, career or business…

There are habits and behavior patterns that we cannot afford to bring into the new relationship.

If we want our relationships to be healthy, we must lay down and relinquish some of the past thoughts, behaviors and experiences.