People who don’t know me may be wondering why I do what I do to help the youth:

1. God told me what He wanted me to do and where He wanted me to go. He told me, ” You are selfish. You have nephews and nieces, I need you to go to Job Corps to help other people’s nephews and nieces.”

2. I was a victim of mental, physical and emotional abuse. This had a major impact 
on my relationships. Anytime I saw patterns of conflict in my romantic relationships, I would quickly cut that person off. This was a sign of unresolved hurt.

3. I got tired of seeing my Chicagoland students walk across the stage only to go home and see their behavior revert back to their environment. Some went back home only to be killed by accident or murdered due to conflict that was not resolved.

This is why I do what I do…

Thank you to our guest, Mr. Ernest Crim for dropping the jewels on us today! The insight and wisdom he poured into us was invaluable and immeasurable.

Shout to my brothers from the Unity Faith Movement.

Shout to my parnter and co-falicitator, Zakiyyah Brown!

Trista Graves Brown, Kimberly Shumpert, Ranisha Brown and Mr. Cage after Joliet’s Civil Rights Forum