BoyzIIMen ~ GirlzIIWomen

BoyzIIMen and GirlzIIWomen have come together!

In this workshop we help our young men and women with getting a clear understanding of how the opposite sex functions and how to treat each other. We also present our youth with a code of conduct that is above status-quo. This code of conduct helps them identify acceptable and unacceptable behavior according to their true identity, purpose and destiny.

Healthy relationships is the goal!

Also… Our Battle of the Sexes True/False game is like no other!

This is the perfect workshop for any at-risk youth groups, church youth groups, after school programs, youth mentoring programs or youth empowerment events. We can either come facilitate this workshop with your group or you can purchase it for your own use.

If you would like us to visit your organization to facilitate this workshop or if you would like to purchase this workshop, please fill out the contact form below.