Divine Works E&T Mentoring Program

An eight-week mentoring program for youth ages 13-18 to help build self-esteem, character and social skills. We will also educate, encourage and assist youth with exploring career endeavors and attending institutions of higher education through the facilitation of seminars, workshops, focus groups and hands-on activities.

Classes will be from June 4th – August 2nd, and will be facilitated every Monday from 5pm-8pm. Group discussions/focus groups will occur every Thursday from 5pm-8pm.

Divine Works E&T Mentoring Class/Focus Group Schedule

Week 1/2 – What is a relationship?/Am I in a healthy relationship?

Week 3/4 – What is conflict?/How do I resolve conflict?

Week 5 – Anger management/Why am I angry?

Week 6 – I am trying to find a job/How do I find a job?

Week 7 – Goal setting/What do I really want to do?

Week 8 – Class review/Divine Works Olympics & Barbeque

We will also include:

*Guest Speakers

*Physical Education

*Arts & Entertainment project

*T- Shirts for all of our students

Need more info: Contact us at 773-599-1133 or at divorcethepast@gmail.com