Boyz II Men Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the boys going to take away from this workshop?

1a. The difference between how a man thinks and how a boy thinks.

2. Will there be any more of these workshops?

2a. Yes…. We will continue to do this workshop as long as there is a demand for parents/schools who are willing and ready to invest in their child’s /student’s future.

3. How are you going to engage teenagers that main interest is on their cell phones or xbox?

3a . We always set expectations before we teach. Our main focus is “relationships.” Everyone (especially young people) place great importance on their relationships with each other and with their teachers, coaches, family, etc.. Young people are very interested in this topic.

4. How are you going to interact with them?

4a. We use an interactive teaching method called, “Transformational Training.” We always do a great deal of hands-on exercises as well.

Cage is a pro at this 🙂

Any more questions???

Feel free to ask.