BoyzIIMen/GirlzIIWomen Facilitation Kit

Are you serious about helping today’s youth?


You don’t have the time or energy to create your own youth program from scratch…

We may be able to help you.

You don’t have to start from scratch. We’ll provide you with the resources and coach you on how to run the program. All you need is a little time, energy and money to invest.

Sound interesting?

Is this you?

This five-week program is for youth group leaders or facilitators who desire to help youth ages 13-18 gather a clearer understanding of their true identity, purpose and destiny. One of the goals for our BoyzIIMen and GirlzIIWomen workshops is to teach our teenagers how the opposite sex functions and how to respect members of the opposite sex.

It’s all about having healthy relationships!

After the facilitation of this program, your group should be able to identify acceptable and unacceptable behavior according to their true identity, purpose and destiny.

The BoyzIIMen/GirlzIIWomen Facilitator package comes with…

– BoyzIIMen/GirlzIIWomen workshop
– Syllabus
– Facilitation Guide
– Guiding Our Youth Manual
– How to help youth internalize positive behavior article
– Parent and organization questionnaires
– Pre/post evaluation documents
– Three 60-minute private coaching sessions a month (over a span of three months). -Recordings of all private coaching sessions
– Experience, tips and methods on program design, improvement and facilitation

And much…. much…. more!

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