Curtis Johnson, Jr.

Service Point Manager for Mid Iowa Grain Inspection, Inc.

Our talk impacted me for several different reasons:

Your method of getting your point across is phenomenal!  It’s one thing to give your take on a situation, but it’s another thing altogether to reach into your own personal experiences as illustration, all the while being transparent and vulnerable, which makes it easier to receive from you because it wasn’t coming across demeaning or condescending. The encouragement behind it was very uplifting. By you sharing your own experiences is a testimony that someone else has been where I’m at, but has overcome.

That presents hope!

I don’t have to be stuck here!


Deddrick Perry, Sr.

Senior Pastor at Glory International Harvest Church

Marcus Cage and Divine Works E&T did a wonderful job presenting at our monthly men’s gathering in which we discussed various topics concerning our youth today.  He was able to supply us with many practical skills that I found to be very useful in my approach toward engaging with youth, especially if our goal is to provide the much needed guidance they are looking for.

The information was truly valuable for my future engagement with our youth and I plan to see that our leaders take note as well.  Here are 3 valuable points I’d  like to share:

  1. Body and facial expression are key factors (Don’t grimace. It’s a way to shut down conversations).
  2. Not responding, but just listening is a first approach.
  3. Follow up on any promise made is not a truth maker, but not following up on a promise made is a trust breaker.

Les Stevens

Professional photographer at

Today’s youth need guidance indirectly that affects them directly. We can guide today’s youth by listening to them and gaining their trust. This is what I‘ve learned through your program.


Le’Mere Lindsey

Anger Management Student

During my anger management sessions with Mr. Cage I learned that emotions tell you how you feel about a situation.  If you are feeling a certain way you should speak about it and not bottle it up. My mom has seen improvement in my tolerance level and my motivation to get up to go to school.


Taylor Davis

Exclusive youth group student

What I learned is basically my body is a temple. I shouldn’t give people access to my body.  Finding a man closer to God just like Mr. Cage is most important.  Marijuana is bad for you because you never know what people can do to it. You can never just do it once.


Isaiah Bray

Exclusive youth group student

Our  conversation went good. Thank you  Mr. Cage for having it with us. I learned my weakness (sexual actions) and now I know what to work on.


Alyaliah Bufkin

Exclusive youth group student

Mr. Cage taught us that certain things can control

us in ways we don’t know about.

Chrissy Hudson 

Exclusive youth group student

Mr. Cage taught us that we can’t let certain things have access over our lives.

My life isn’t mine, it’s God’s.


Cerena Hudson

Exclusive youth group student

The conversation with Mr. Cage taught me how different things aren’t important. We should do things to follow God.


Coach Darryl

Joliet Loyalty Basketball Coach

The things (anger, attitude and emotions) Mr. Cage talked about helped. I learned as well. I think it really puts things into perspective for all of us.

Kimberly Shumpert

Group Fitness Instructor at The House of Valor

Mr.  Cage, thank you so much for coming out to support Save Our Sons and delivering a powerful message! Thank you for your program that helps the youth become successful, productive adults! Continue to let God use you, and I look forward to working with you in the future with our youth.


Martikai Nathaniel

Student and Public Speaker

To me Marcus Cage is honest, respectful, kind, and fun. When I am with him, I feel confident because he always accepts everyone and is encouraging and supportive. I think of him as a leader because he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks and strives to achieve his goals. I couldn’t get any better of a tutor than Marcus Cage.


Kaitlin Morris


Mr. Cage has been a phenomenal resource for my son Kai. Each time Kai meets with Mr. Cage, he feels more confident, excited about learning, and is filled with joy. Mr. Cage’s positive demeanor is infectious. He is a natural born teacher and has a way of simplifying difficult terms into easily understood concepts.