Introducing, “Divorce The Past” formally known

as The Healthy Relationships Program.

Divorce The Past (D.T.P.) is primarily for youth (ages 13-18) who want to advance personally, academically, athletically, and professionally through the discovery of their true identities.

We believe that a high-school diploma and a college degree is a start, but it is not the finish. To fully function and to be truly successful in the world, our youth need academics in addition to emotional and social intelligence. We believe that all intelligence is sustained through the discovery of an individual’s true identity.

Divorcing the Past To Advance Into The Future.

 Many of the issues faced by youth are associated with one event or a series past of events. These events and experiences are continuous patterns in their lives that have confirmed their current self- image . These circumstances can pose problems when our youth desire to advance in their personal and professional lives. Our program starts our participants on the journey of detaching themselves from those occurrences in order to see a clearer picture of their true identity.


Divorce The Past Testimonials

The class was wonderful. It shows you a lot on how to relax and get your mind going in the direction it needs to go. ~ Iesha Ortiz, former DTP student

Healthy Relationships I remember the most. I learned a lot from this class and I use things I learned on a daily basis. Things like be myself. Work hard to get places. Well I’m going places and I am excited. 🙂 ~ Elena Glissendorf, former DTP student

Well I’ve learned a lot about relationships thru experience and healthy relationships puts it all in perspective. It helps connect the dots, knowing what do, what not to do, what to say and all that of course we know but how to effectively apply it in our daily lives not just with the opposite sex but with everyone we come into contact. ~ Aaron Clarke, former DTP student

I thought Healthy Relationships was a big hit. I remember more than half of my class wanting to attend HR. They were not just trying to get out of class.They were expecting to get something out of it. They came back sharing their experiences with me and their colleagues. I could see how it really helped to mature some of the students. ~ Mrs. Linda Coble, Office and Administration Instructor

Classes are set to begin July 22nd.

To learn more about the Divorce The Past Program click on the links below.



For more information or to schedule a training session, please fill out the contact form below. You can also email us directly at divorcethepast@gmail.com.

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