Divorce The Past Sponsorship

Divorce The Past (DTP) is a five week program that assists youth ages 13-18 in advancing personally, academically, athletically, and professionally through the discovery of their true identities.

Many of the issues faced by our youth are associated with one event or series of past events. These events and experiences are continuous patterns in their lives that have confirmed their current self-image. These same events and experiences can pose problems when our youth are trying to advance in their personal and professional lives.

The DTP program begins our children on the journey of detaching themselves from those occurrences in order for them to see a clearer picture of their true identity.

Become a sponsor of Divorce The Past for a minimum of $35.00.

Sponsorship helps offset the cost of classes for families that may have multiple children who want to enroll into the program and for families that may find themselves in financially challenging situations.

Fall classes for the Divorce The Past program begin October 14th.

Divorce the past to advance into the future.

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