Divorce The Past Testimonials

Adasia’s attitude is a work in progress, but she is improving. Now, if I correct her behavior or ask her to do something she just does it without any back talk. She used to tell me whats going on in her life without me asking but that has minimized.  Adasia’s attitude has improved a great deal.  She is showing that she is trying to be more responsible. Yes, she tries to take short cuts and try to be sneaky at times and make mistakes, but she owns up to it now.  Like I said she is a work in progress, but I am definitely seeing improvements in her. Thank you for all that you do Marcus!

This program has changed the perspectives of both my children. They are goal oriented this year . They have a goal of being on National Honors Society this school year. They complain less about what I ask of them and they listen and communicate much better. They are just as excited about their futures as I am. I am truly thankful for what Mr. Cage has poured out of himself and into the live of our youth. ️


Thanks to your program my son seems to be a little more proactive. He does his chores and has been taking out the trash on garbage day and also mowing the lawn without being told first. I have noticed that I’m not repeating myself as much to him as usual. Rhavion has been attentive and anxious to assist me with things around the house. There are a few areas I would like for him to tighten up on , but overall this program has helped him to step it up not only as a young man but also as a big brother and excellent teammate on the football field.  He is on the right track to becoming a great man. In the beginning, I was searching for a mentor because there are just somethings boys should hear from a man. Thanks for stepping in in such a short time and being a great impact in his life. 

I am beyond grateful for the experience and exposure that you provided my boys in your Divorce the Past program. My oldest son usually doesn’t like to get out of the bed on the weekends, but surprisingly he didn’t have a problem with waking up to attend the Divorce The Past sessions you held. He even reminded me about the sessions so that I would not forget about them. My boys learned a lot in those sessions that are applicable to real-life situations. They gained a deeper understanding of self-respect and respect for parents/others, which were great takeaways. I encourage every parent to send their child to your workshop, it is truly a game changer. Thank you for caring and reaching out to our youth and community and continued prayers and success in all that you do.

Best regards,

Bernadette Quasie