Kingdom Investing Value Package


Kingdom Investing is a non-traditional revelatory teaching that goes into the depth concerning of money, talent, investment and community. My desire outcome for you is to become freer in the expression of who you are…

I want to become a GREATER asset to the Kingdom of God as well as your family and community.

By partnering with me you get…

– 3 Kingdom Investing voice narrated trainings (PT.1& PT.2)
– Both powerpoint trainings in pdf formats
– J.O.B.S. (Just on the Brink of Success) ebook/10 tips on how to get a promotion

*** A bonus article entitled, “How to Become Financially Free.”

Note: You will need a media fire account and a paypal account to participate in this offer.

Please click on the “Buy Now” button below.  After I receive payment confirmation, I will then send you all the links associated with the Kingdom Investment Value Package (via media fire).


Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


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